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Reverse 1999 codes December 2023

Grab new characters and level them up with the latest Reverse 1999 codes.

Image credit: Bluepoch

Reverse 1999 is a free-to-play fantasy adventure from Chinese developer-publisher Bluepoch. The intriguing blend of roleplaying game and visual novel takes place in London at the very end of an alternate-history 20th-century, where a mysterious event known as The Storm swept away the modern period and returned the world to an older era.

Unlocking characters will be familiar to fans of games such as Genshin Impact, as it uses a similar gacha-style Summoning system. Players can spend their collected Clear Drops to randomly obtain new characters in different rarities, before using Dust, Sharpodonty and other resources to then level them up. Those characters include memorable party members such as Pickles the dog, a philosophy-pondering border collie.

You can get a jump-start in making the best team by using the latest Reverse 1999 codes to pull new heroes and level them up by spending your collected Clear Drops and resources.

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Spending Clear Drops will let you summon random characters for your team. | Image credit: Eurogamer/Bluepoch

Reverse 1999 codes

Here are all the working Reverse 1999 codes as of December 8th 2023.

  • VERSIONUPDATE - 60 Clear Drop, 5,000 Dust
  • 5YRBRF9 - 19,999 Dust, 19,999 Sharpodonty, 3 Fine Insight Package
  • 1999GIFT - 50 Clear Drop, 19,999 Dust

How to redeem Reverse 1999 codes

To redeem Reverse 1999 codes, launch the game on your platform of choice. The method for redeeming Reverse 1999 codes is the same regardless of whether you’re on mobile (iOS/Android) or PC.

Once you’re booted into the main menu, look for the icon in the bottom left-hand corner. It should look like three lines in a circle, underneath the ‘Bank’ icon.

If you hit that icon, it will open up some additional menu options. Press ‘Settings’ in the middle of the bottom row.

Hit this icon to open up the Settings menu, then head to the Account tab to redeem a code. | Image credit: Eurogamer/Bluepoch

Once you’re in the Settings menu, head to the Account tab and look for the ‘Exchange Code’ section. Press the orange button marked ‘Go’ to the right of ‘Exchange Code Reward’.

That will pop up a box with a text field. Type in your chosen Reverse 1999 code and press the orange ‘Confirm’ button to redeem it.

If the code is correct and active, you will claim its rewards straight away - you will see an animation and a rundown of everything you gained.

If the code doesn’t work, be sure to double-check for typos and case-sensitive input. If it continues not to work, it may be that the code has expired - check below for expired Reverse 1999 codes.

Stick your code in here to claim your rewards. | Image credit: Eurogamer/Bluepoch

How to get more Clear Drops in Reverse 1999

In addition to using the latest Reverse 1999 codes to get more Clear Drops and other useful resources, you can obtain bonus goodies from developer Bluepoch.

One way to get more Clear Drops, Dust and other items is by joining the official Reverse 1999 Discord server. By binding your Reverse 1999 account ID to your Discord account and being verified, you will obtain a verification reward including 60 Clear Drops, 4,000 Dust and two Simple Insight Packages, plus an exclusive Discord role.

To grab the reward, follow the #account-verification steps under the Resources section on the Server Guide for the Reverse 1999 Discord server.

Head over to the Discord and verify your account for bonus rewards. | Image credit: Eurogamer/Bluepoch

Bluepoch also runs occasional giveaways for resources and exclusive cosmetics via the Discord channel and its social media accounts on platforms such as X (Twitter) under the Reverse1999_GL handle, so be sure to give them a follow to catch the latest giveaway.

Expired Reverse 1999 codes

Below you’ll find all of the expired codes for Reverse 1999:


If you love gacha games and want some more free rewards make sure you check out our guides for Genshin Impact codes and Honkai Star Rail codes as well.

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