December 2023 Archive

    1. Wordle answer today for Monday, 11th December: What is the word today for 905?
    1. New report suggests Call of Duty Warzone Verdansk map comeback late 2024
    2. eFootball 2024's new season includes a new game mode and "improvements"
    3. Spooky fishing sim Dredge is making a surprise visit to Dave the Diver next week
    4. Anime Adventures codes December 2023
    5. Final Fantasy 16 PC players should consider an SSD "a must"
    6. 25 years ago, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time became more than a game
    1. Zombie MMO The Day Before's player count drops 75% despite a day one patch
    2. Metal: Hellsinger's Purgatory DLC and free Horde Mode Update are out now
    3. Students can meet with over 60 studios and 3000+ devs at next year's free Guildford.Games Festival
    4. GTA 6 "took my life", says Florida Joker
    5. The Orange Box modded to run at 4K 60fps on Xbox Series X is the best way to play on consoles
    6. Podcast: Covering GTA 6, the sale of Eurogamer, and Game of the Year
    7. Pokémon Go Mega Evolution update and new bonuses, how to Mega Evolve and all Mega Evolutions list
    8. Doom at 30: how a LAN session changed my life
    1. How to get Knotroot in Lego Fortnite
    2. How to get fertilizer in Lego Fortnite
    3. Best MCW loadout and class build for Warzone and MW3
    4. Fortnite's Rocket Racing is a fun mix of Rocket League and Mario Kart
    5. How to get Trailblazer Tai skin in Fortnite Lego
    6. How to craft Recurve Crossbow in Lego Fortnite
    7. No Man's Sky re-running all this year's limited-time Expeditions starting today
    8. Reverse 1999 codes
    9. Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is one of the most technologically impressive games of the year
    10. The Day Before's overwhelmingly negative Steam reviews seem deserved
    11. The Game Awards will never represent our industry in the way it needs, so what next?
    12. How to get Planks in Lego Fortnite
    13. Genshin Impact 4.3 release date, 4.3 Banner and event details
    14. How to get Shells in Lego Fortnite
    15. Warzone best guns to use in Season 1 meta
    16. Pick up a PS5 slim for £432 thanks to this Christmas discount at Hamleys
    17. How to get Marble in Lego Fortnite
    18. Pokémon Go Shinies - how to catch Shiny Magikarp, Red Gyarados, and what we know about other Shiny Pokémon
    19. The Game Awards 2023 Winners List
    20. Nintendo says next Zelda game is unlikely to be a direct follow-up to Tears of the Kingdom
    21. Ikumi Nakamura unveils first independent project Kemuri
    22. How to play with friends in The Finals
    23. Tales of Kenzera: Zau is a side-scrolling platformer, and a tribute to a lost father
    24. The best Christmas sales in 2023 for gaming and tech
    25. Genshin Impact next Banner and current Banners, list of all Banners in Genshin Impact
    26. Hideo Kojima documentary Connecting Worlds releases worldwide this spring
    27. Genshin Impact 4.3 livestream codes, December 2023 codes, and how to redeem codes
    28. Game of the Week: A Highland Song is the right kind of slog
    29. 1080° Snowboarding, Harvest Moon 64 and Jet Force Gemini join Nintendo Switch Online
    30. The excellent SteelSeries Apex 7 has had a major price cut from Amazon
    31. Twisted Metal TV adaptation renewed for second season on Peacock
    32. Get this powerful Corsair K70 Pro Mini Wireless for £120 from Amazon right now
    33. Outside of GTA 6 and Geoff Keighley, here's what else happened this week
    34. The PS5 Slim is down to £432 at Hamleys
    35. What we've been playing
    36. Everything announced at The Game Awards 2023
    37. Here's your first look at Monster Hunter Wilds, coming in 2025
    38. Baldur's Gate 3 sweeps The Game Awards, including top prize
    39. Baldur's Gate 3 out now on Xbox
    40. The Finals is borderline irresistible, and it's about to be massive
    41. Ori and the Blind Forest studio announces action RPG No Rest for the Wicked
    42. Post-apocalypse extraction shooter Exoborne announced by ex-Division devs
    43. Alan Wake 2 New Game Plus arrives later this month
    44. Final Fantasy 16 DLC Echoes of the Fallen out now
    45. No Man's Sky studio unveils procedural fantasy planet adventure Light No Fire
    46. Surprise! The Finals has stealth-dropped and is available right now
    47. As Dusk Falls heading to PlayStation consoles
    48. Den of Wolves is an intriguing sci-fi heist FPS from Payday veterans' GTFO studio
    49. Acclaimed horror shooter GTFO ends development with Final Chapter update
    50. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has a new theme song by Nobuo Uematsu
    51. Deathloop developer Arkane Lyon making Marvel Blade game
    52. Skull and Bones release date finally secured
    53. Life is Strange creators return with Lost Records
    54. Warframe's big, weird Whispers in the Walls expansion out next week
    55. Black Myth Wukong gets 2024 release date
    56. Ready your flares, Jurassic Park: Survival announced for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC
    57. Hideo Kojima teases Xbox horror OD with enigmatic first trailer
    58. Square Enix announces Visions of Mana out next year
    59. Rise of the Ronin gets March release date, pre-order start later this month
    60. Sega announces flurry of projects including Jet Set Radio, Crazy Taxi
    61. Dead by Daylight narrative game The Casting of Frank Stone revealed
    62. The Case of the Golden Idol is getting a 70s-set murder mystery sequel next year
    63. Untitled Goose Game developer announces online co-op puzzler Big Walk
    64. Matthew McConaughey to make his video game debut in sci-fi RPG Exodus
    65. Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown leaked trailer includes demo announcement
    66. God of War Ragnarök gets free Valhalla DLC
    67. World of Goo 2 announced, launches 2024
    68. Thumper follow-up Thrasher coming to VR next year
    69. Inscryption developer Daniel Mullins returns with Pony Island 2: Panda Circus
    70. Dead Cells developer's next game is "lightning-fast combat roguelite" Windblown
    71. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons remake looks to be on the way
    72. Assassin's Creed Mirage getting New Game Plus mode as part of free December update
    73. Wordle answer today for Friday, 8th December: What is the word today for 902?
    1. How to build a Spinning Wheel in Lego Fortnite
    2. The Game Awards 2023 live report and bingo
    3. FNAF Pizza Party codes December 2023
    4. Fire Force Online codes December 2023
    5. Titan Warfare codes December 2023
    6. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC details, new and returning Pokémon
    7. Best AMR9 loadout and class build for Warzone and MW3
    8. Best 'MP7' Vel 46 loadout and class build for Warzone and MW3
    9. Scarlet and Violet DLC The Indigo Disk will allow players to explore as their Pokémon
    10. How to craft a Shortsword in Fortnite Lego
    11. Best COR-45 loadout and class build for Warzone and MW3
    12. Best 556 Icarus loadout and class build for Warzone and MW3
    13. Baldur's Gate 3 characters were once "very old" and "ugly"
    14. Best Pulemyot 762 loadout and class build for Warzone and MW3
    15. GTA 6 proves its dominance as trailer breaks YouTube records
    16. Best Sidewinder loadout and class build for Warzone and MW3
    17. Best SP-R 208 loadout and class build for Warzone and MW3
    18. How to invite an NPC to live in a village in Fortnite Lego
    19. Haze Piece codes December 2023
    20. Best MTZ Interceptor loadout and class build for Warzone and MW3
    21. Anime Fighters codes December 2023
    22. Anime Champions Simulator codes December 2023
    23. Basketball Legends codes December 2023
    24. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Mystery Gift codes
    25. How to make Banana Split recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley
    26. THQ Nordic announces another delay to Alone in the Dark
    27. How to Prestige in Modern Warfare 3
    28. Baldur's Gate 3's new epilogues wrestle fan service and narrative weight
    29. Nintendo Live 2024 Tokyo event cancelled after threats to staff
    30. The Last of Us season two now confirmed for 2025 release
    31. This AMD Ryzen 5 5600G with a free cooler is down to £105 with an eBay discount code
    32. Get ready for GTA 6 with this striking Horizon Vice prebuilt PC deal from CCL
    33. Lego Fortnite feels like Minecraft for the metaverse era
    34. Vampire Survivors announces Among Us DLC collaboration
    35. Best Holger 556 loadout and class build for Warzone and MW3
    36. Jack Black dons Bowser outfit to remix Super Mario Bros Movie hit Peaches on TikTok
    37. How to take off the Gas Mask in Warzone
    38. Best Rival-9 loadout and class build for Warzone and MW3
    39. How to get Tropical Wood in Disney Dreamlight Valley
    40. How to complete Directive Danger in Disney Dreamlight Valley
    41. Warzone and Modern Warfare 3 Niamey Logan 'reset your rank and unlocks to continue' error fix
    42. Here's everything from Day of the Devs' The Game Awards indie showcase
    43. Wordle answer today for Thursday, 7th December: What is the word today for 901?
    1. Latest Modern Warfare 3 Patch Notes: Season 1
    2. Warzone Patch Notes for Season 1
    3. Destiny 2 staff reportedly worried about Bungie's future
    4. Warzone and MW3 Season 1 Battle Pass skins and blueprints list
    5. Disney Dreamlight Valley The Sands in the Hourglass walkthrough
    6. New Warzone Urzikstan map
    7. Emergency meeting! Among Us VR is coming to PS VR2
    8. Here’s where to buy a PS5 before Christmas
    9. Best SVA 545 loadout and class build for Warzone and MW3
    10. Best DG-58 loadout and class build for Warzone and MW3
    11. Best FR 5.56 loadout and class build for Warzone and MW3
    12. Best MTZ-556 loadout and class build for Warzone and MW3
    13. Best M16 loadout and class build for Warzone and MW3
    14. Best TAQ 56 loadout and class build for Warzone and MW3
    15. Best Kastov 762 loadout and class build for Warzone and MW3
    16. Best Renetti Jak Ferocity loadout and class build for Warzone and MW3
    17. Best Longbow loadout and class build for Warzone and MW3
    18. Best Riveter loadout and class build for Warzone and MW3
    19. Best BAS-B loadout and class build for Warzone and MW3
    20. Best FSS Hurricane loadout and class build for Warzone and MW3
    21. Best M4 loadout and class build for Warzone and MW3
    22. Best KATT-AMR loadout and class build for Warzone and MW3
    23. Best Lockwood 680 loadout and class build for Warzone and MW3
    24. Best Lachmann Sub loadout and class build for Warzone and MW3
    25. Best FTac Recon loadout and class build for Warzone and MW3
    26. How to get XP fast in Fortnite with XP Creative maps and Supercharged XP
    27. Twitch shutting down in South Korea
    28. Supporters, do you have any questions for us?
    29. Honkai Star Rail codes for December 2023 and how to redeem codes
    30. Jujutsu Chronicles codes
    31. Bethesda tries its hand at paid mods in Skyrim Special Edition once again
    32. How to unlock all Operators in Warzone and Modern Warfare 3
    33. Does Grand Theft Auto 6 deliver the generational leap we were hoping for?
    34. Death Ball codes
    35. Batman: Arkham Trilogy on Switch pays tribute to Kevin Conroy
    36. This John Lewis Christmas offer brings the Meta Quest 2 down to £230
    37. Disney Dreamlight Valley critters' favourite foods, schedules, and how to feed animals
    38. Nobody Saves The World, The Gunk headline December Humble Bundle
    39. Nexus Mods removes anti-gay Baldur's Gate 3 mod
    40. Studio Wildcard admits Ark's servers are basically total "ass"
    41. Get this excellent Switch OLED Bundle for £290 in the John Lewis Christmas sale.
    42. The ASUS ROG Ally at £150 off is the perfect Christmas present
    43. Shindo Life codes December 2023
    44. 15 percent of Baldur's Gate 3 playtime is spent in character creation
    45. The best Christmas gifts for gamers in 2023
    46. Jumplight Odyssey development paused "indefinitely" as layoffs announced across studio
    47. Clover Retribution codes December 2023
    48. Honkai Star Rail next Banner and current Banner, list of all Banners in Honkai Star Rail
    49. Cabin Crew Simulator codes December 2023
    50. Arm Wrestle Simulator codes December 2023
    51. Fruit Battlegrounds codes December 2023
    52. Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes list and best 5 star recipes
    53. Toilet Tower Defense codes December 2023
    54. Apex Legends Uprising Collection Event, challenges and rewards explained
    55. Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora physical version needs online connection to install
    56. Blox Fruits codes December 2023
    57. Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora review in progress - gorgeous and predictable
    58. Layoffs reported at Hello Neighbor publisher TinyBuild
    59. Destiny 2 Wishing All the Best quest steps
    60. Destiny 2 Nightfall weapon schedule: What is the Nightfall weapon this week?
    61. Destiny 2 Exotic Weapon mission rotation schedule this week
    62. Destiny 2 Lost Sector rotation schedule: What is the Legend and Master Lost Sector today?
    63. How to get the Hourglass Tool in Disney Dreamlight Valley
    64. Destiny 2 Dungeon and Raid rotation schedule this week
    65. How to make the Best Fish Forever recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley
    66. How to complete the Give Me a Sign quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley
    67. Genshin Impact 4.3 livestream date and time, 4.3 Banner leaks
    68. Five of the Best: Trailers
    69. Paradox's The Lamplighters League adds new playable character and Events system in latest free update
    70. Wordle answer today for Wednesday, 6th December: What is the word today for 900?
    1. Xbox's Winterfest event starts today with 33 demos of indie games
    2. Legend of Zelda movie director wants it to be like a "live-action Miyazaki"
    3. This powerful AsRock RX 7900 XTX is down to £900 from Overclockers right now
    4. Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration just added 12 more games in free update
    5. Disney Dreamlight Valley Multiplayer, including how to invite and join multiplayer using ValleyVerse
    6. Our thoughts on the GTA 6 trailer
    7. Disney Dreamlight Valley characters list, including all future and current characters
    8. How to get Jack Skellington in Disney Dreamlight Valley
    9. This respectable Full HD 75Hz Dell monitor is under £100 with a discount code from Dell
    10. How to remove villagers in Disney Dreamlight Valley
    11. Get Super Mario Bros. Wonder for Nintendo Switch for only £36.51 with code MERRY15 at eBay
    12. No, the Fallout TV show won't have bugs, at least not in season one
    13. PS5 stock: latest updates on where to buy the PlayStation 5
    14. First GTA 6 Trailer
    15. Save £50 on this excellent Seasonic 850W 80+ Gold power supply from Scan Computers
    16. GTA 5 Stock market investment guide and Lester assassinations
    17. GTA 5 last mission: Kill Trevor, Kill Michael or Deathwish
    18. GTA 5 The Merryweather Heist: Offshore or Freighter
    19. GTA 5 cheats, phone numbers and console commands
    20. How to unlock Romance Hangouts in Cyberpunk 2077
    21. Embracer confirms layoffs at Insurgency developer New World Interactive
    22. Hohokum successor Flock gets free Steam demo
    23. The Batman: Arkham Trilogy on Nintendo Switch should never have shipped in this state
    24. The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered No Return line up revealed
    25. In just one trailer, GTA 6 traces a Rockstar lineage through video games and cinema
    26. How to find and search Weapon Case in Fortnite
    27. Everything we know about Avatar Frontiers of Pandora
    28. Pokemon Go Routes, including how to create and find a Route explained
    29. Raven explains why Call Of Duty: Warzone's next map has lower player count
    30. Pokémon Go Gift Exchange and how to exchange a gift with Mateo explained
    31. Pokémon Go Along the Routes quest step, rewards and field research tasks
    32. Pokémon Go A Route to New Friendships quest steps and rewards
    33. Best Nintendo Switch deals in December 2023
    34. EA confirms layoffs at F1 developer Codemasters
    35. GTA 6: Everything we know so far
    36. The Day Before developer apologises for marketing ahead of game's release
    37. All the things we noticed in the GTA 6 trailer you may have missed
    38. Fortnite codes for December 2023 and how to redeem codes
    39. Donkey Kong expansion for Super Nintendo World opens in spring 2024
    40. Feebas 100% perfect IV stats, shiny Milotic preview in Pokémon Go
    41. GTA 6 will release on Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 in 2025
    42. A Highland Song review - a magical sonnet hidden beneath a game
    43. In a wild world, Rockstar's playing it straight with GTA 6
    44. Wordle answer today for Tuesday, 5th December: What is the word today for 899?
    1. GTA 6 first trailer released early following leaks
    2. What is the GTA 6 trailer release time?
    3. Fortnite best weapons tier list for Chapter 5 Season 1
    4. Dragon Age: Dreadwolf gets short teaser, but full reveal won't happen until next year
    5. How to apply Weapon Mod in Fortnite
    6. Get a new TV before Christmas with 20% off this LG C2 4K OLED
    7. How to complete a Train Heist in Fortnite
    8. Dungeons and Dragons game in the works from Payday developer Starbreeze
    9. DF Weekly: Arkham Knight on Switch is disastrously poor
    10. Nightingale opens registrations for stress test
    11. Fortnite Chapter 5 Medallions explained
    12. Wombat Pine Professional review: an excellent keyboard for Windows and Mac
    13. What to play this December
    14. The PlayStation Access Controller Review - software's the star, but you'll probably still need a DualSense
    15. Outcast: A New Beginning releases in March 2024
    16. Get LG's 48-inch C2 OLED for 20% off with a Currys discount code
    17. Waluigi creator shares then removes designs of Wario-style Peach
    18. Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom developers "prioritised gameplay" when deciding which monsters to include
    19. Warzone and Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 release date and time
    20. How to get Fortnite Lego Insiders skin for free
    21. Fortnite Underground Map
    22. Jet Force Gemini on Switch has broken widescreen mode, report suggests
    23. Mortal Kombat 1 trailer reveals Quan Chi gameplay and best look at John Cena's Peacemaker
    24. Fortnite new Victory Umbrella, the latest Victory Umbrella in this Fortnite season
    25. Fae Farm developer Phoenix Labs lays off 34 staff
    26. Anime World Tower Defense codes
    27. Untitled Boxing Game codes
    28. Vanillite 100% perfect IV stats, shiny Vanilluxe in Pokémon Go
    29. Wordle answer today for Monday, 4th December: What is the word today for 898?
    1. 25-year-old Thief: The Dark Project gets a new leash of life with this stunning fan-made expansion
    2. Xbox spends "over a billion dollars a year" on Xbox Game Pass
    3. The Fallout TV show trailer is here, and it looks good – really, really good
    4. Electronic Arts trademarks "Neon Fox"
    5. Here's the canon explanation of how Peter Griffin got swole for the Fortnite crossover
    6. PlayStation will soon remove digital content from players libraries – even if they've paid for it
    7. Blade Ball codes
    8. Pokémon Go December Field Research tasks and their rewards explained
    9. Pokémon Go Hisuian Samurott counters, weaknesses, shiny Hisuian Samurott and moveset
    10. The history of game hints pages, before the internet took over
    11. Pokémon Go Hisuian Pokémon forms list
    12. SteelSeries Alias/Alias Pro microphone review: a new level of plug-and-play quality
    13. Fortnite Big Bang live event replay start time for GMT, CET, ET and PT
    1. Second season of Paramount's Halo adaptation arrives this February, leak suggests
    2. Fortnite Chapter 5 features trains, weapon mods, Lamborghinis
    3. Fortnite's The Big Bang event was a blast of marketing for the game's multi-genre future
    4. GTA 6 TikTok leak "has come from the son of a Rockstar Games employee"
    5. WWE 2K24 hasn't been announced yet, but it's already been rated in Brazil
    6. EA makes more patents open source in a bid to share its accessibility tools and "help gamers"
    7. Infinite Borders – "one of East Asia's most popular mobile strategy games" – is now available worldwide
    8. Stardew Valley creator confirms he's made "a ton of progress" on update 1.6
    9. Sega is bringing a "new era, new energy" to next week's The Game Awards
    10. Sony's latest patent suggests it's developing a DualSense controller that can provide gameplay hints
    11. Unknown 9: Awakening will be released in 2024, rating board suggests
    12. Fortnite confirms original map will return again in 2024 due to popular demand
    13. Daytona USA 2 is finally available to play at home after 25 years - and it's still brilliant
    14. Let's get evil in Baldur's Gate 3 - Part 2: Nightwarden Minthara
    15. AMD Ryzen 9 7940HS review: does AI hardware make a difference?
    16. Sea of Thieves' long-awaited private servers arrive next week
    17. The Sims 4 cheats: every cheat code for easy money, building, skills and more
    1. Cyberpunk 2077 gets fully functioning metro system in next week's 2.1 update
    2. Halo Infinite riffs on Rockstar's GTA 6 trailer announcement, teasing new reveal
    3. Pokémon Go Spinda quest for December, all Spinda forms listed
    4. Pokémon Go Community Day list, December 2023 time and date, and all previous Community Day Pokémon and moves
    5. Pokémon Go Battle League Season 17 release date, changes, plus Season 17 rank rewards, dates and rules
    6. Warner Bros. battling Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League leaks
    7. EA Sports WRC: an engine change for the worse?
    8. Capcom confirms more Resident Evil remakes on the way
    9. Save a massive $210 on this Xbox Series X bundle with Diablo 4 ahead of the holidays
    10. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's first season coming next week, and it's a big'un
    11. GTA 6 trailer release date confirmed by Rockstar
    12. Pokémon Horizons escapes the anime's previous formula
    13. All Star Tower Defense codes
    14. GTA producer's Everywhere begins closed alpha test next week
    15. Sonic Dream Team puts players in "exhilarating flow state", says studio head
    16. This diddy little Fractal Terra PC case has received a big discount with an eBay code
    17. Save 15% on tech and gaming gear at eBay thanks to this Christmas discount code
    18. Final Fantasy Tactics remaster rumours squashed by director
    19. Fortnite Chapter 5 estimated release date
    20. PlayStation Plus Premium games list for December 2023
    21. This Asus RTX 4060 has received a handy price cut thanks to an eBay discount code
    22. Deathloop leads Amazon's free Prime games for December
    23. Far Cry 6 heads up December's first wave of Xbox Games Pass titles
    24. Xbox Game Pass games list for December 2023
    25. Game of the Week: the Banksian thrills of Asteroids
    26. Survival game Pacific Drive pulls up on PC, PS5 in February
    27. Over 20 years later, Homeworld 3 arrives in 2024
    28. Resident Evil 4's free VR mode out next week
    29. Pokémon Go Ditto disguises in December 2023 for helping catch the transform Pokémon
    30. Fortnite Chapter 5 looks set to star Peter Griffin, Solid Snake
    31. Pokémon Go Egg charts: What's in 2km, 5km, 7km, 10km and 'Strange' red 12km Eggs
    32. Peroxide codes
    33. Pokémon Go Spotlight Hour: Next Spotlight Hour Pokémon and bonus explained
    34. Xbox "actively working" with partners on mobile store, Phil Spencer says
    35. Baldur's Gate 3 update adds new epilogue and game modes
    36. GTA Online Podium Vehicle for this week, including how to use the Lucky Wheel
    37. What we've been playing
    38. GTA Online Weekly Update for November 30th, including weekly update time
    39. Fallout 76 - Season 15: The Big Score Trailer
    40. GTA Online Gun Van locations and stock explained
    41. Payday 3 bringing back two "classic" Payday 2 heists in November update
    42. Get a Nintendo Switch OLED with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for £293.21 with code MERRY15
    43. Pokémon Go Prime Gaming rewards for December 2023 and how to redeem codes
    44. Wordle answer today for Friday, 1st December: What is the word today for 895?
    45. Honkai Star Rail tier list for best characters in 1.5 December 2023
    46. Genshin Impact 4.2 tier list in December 2023 for best characters
    47. Disney Dreamlight Valley codes for December 2023 and how to redeem codes