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Zombie MMO The Day Before's player count drops 75% despite a day one patch

Go against the brain.

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Zombie MMO The Day Before has seemingly lost three-quarters of its player base since it release to overwhelmingly bad reviews just two days ago.

As spotted by PCGN, whilst the game hit a concurrent peak of 38,104 players on release day, 7th December, right now, less than ten thousand players are currently in-game.

According to SteamDB, the 24-hour peak sits at just 12,210.

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Despite releasing in early access, players have been critical of the game's lacklustre offering, with some labelling it "nothing but a cash grab".

The team is listening, however, and says it is responding to player feedback. In a patch deployed yesterday, 8th December, Fntastic said it had "addressed the most critical issues with the game and improved overall performance" and had rolled out more zombies, as well as offering five times the in-game currency, Woodcoins, for completing tasks.

The team also says there is improved game and net code performance, says it has "improved the mechanics of the spawning of the infected to increase the chance of encountering them in the world", as well as addressed the shooting in both first- and third-person.

You should also now expect to find more ammo on the corpses of dead infected, and your items shouldn't go walkabout when you stash them anymore.

For the full details of what to expect in the update, head on over to Steam.

Yesterday, Ed downloaded Zombie MMO The Day Before so you didn't have to, to ascertain if the overwhelmingly negative reviews it is receiving on Steam are fair.

As Ed summarised for us at the time, it's been a rocky road for the game, with accusations the game was a scam, copying the work of other developers, criticism against the use of unpaid volunteers, and a trademark dispute with a Korean calendar app.

Just days ago, developer Fntastic released a statement apologising for the game's marketing and requesting "please don't accuse us of scamming".

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