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Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Tulin of Rito Village walkthrough

Time to get to the bottom of the storm blanketing Rito Village.

zelda totk tulin
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Tulin of Rito Village is one of the main story quests in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Hebra, and specifically Rospro Pass, is being covered in snow from a fierce storm raging in the sky above that specific section of Hyrule.

On your adventures to investigate the Regional Phenomena occuring in this part of Hyrule in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you'll meet the Tulin, the son of a Rito Elder and a brave soul that will do whatever it takes to help his people.

Without further ado, we're here to show you how to complete the Tulin of Rito Village main story quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Spoiler Warning: This guide may contain story, character, and location spoilers - read at your own discretion.

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How to start Tulin of Rito Village quest in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

To start the Tulin of the Rito Village quest you need to find and get into Rito Village. We highly recommend increasing your cold resistance through meals or pieces of armor like the Frostbite Shirt as you'll need it throughout this story quest.

Once you've found your way into Rito Village, keep exploring the village and follow the path leading upwards until you reach these coordinates (-3601, 1802, 0212). Here, you should see Tulin having a debate with his father, Teba.

zelda totk link debating with teba

Walk up to them to start a cutscene. Follow the cutscene all the way through and continue to talk to Teba. Eventually, Teba will task you with finding Harth and speaking to them as they may have more information about Princess Zelda.

How to find Harth in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

To find Harth in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you need to head to a cabin that is directly north of Rito Village.

The cabin itself is called Hebra Trailhead Lodge which is directly east of Rospro Pass Skyview Tower and, as we said, north of Rito Village at these coordinates (-3584, 2251, 0140.)

zelda totk hebra trailhead lodge close up map location
zelda totk hebra trailhead lodge map location

The easiest way to get here is to stand on the edge of the platform where you spoke to Teba and look across from you until you see two fires faintly flickering in the distance. These two fires mark the exact location of the cabin.

zelda totk two bonfires opposite rito village

Use your viewfinder to place a pin roughly near the two fires and then use your Paraglider to start to glide over to it. However, if you're low on stamina then we recommend travelling to the Rospro Pass Skyview Tower and heading east from there instead.

zelda totk hebra trailhead lodge

When you find the cabin, head inside and speak to Harth who is standing by the table on the left.

zelda totk link talking to harth in lodge

After you finish speaking with them, you'll be given a new task - finding Tulin.

How to find Tulin in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

To find Tulin, head north from the Hebra Trailhead Lodge where you spoke to Harth and you should come across another Rito called Cecili at (-3514, 2400, 0210).

zelda totk link talking to cecili

Speak to them and they'll point you in the direction of the Hebra South Summit Cave - which is where Tulin and couple of other Ritos are looking for resources. Cecili will also let you know that a bonfire marks the entrance of the cave - a useful thing to look for if you get a bit lost!

Head up the slope indicated by Cecili (face Cecili and then head east).

zelda totk link and cecili looking up hebra mountain slope

Keep climbing up the slope and you'll run into some Ice Keese, Bokoblins and Ice Chu Chu's. You can avoid these by simply walking past them, but we recommend taking them down as they will all drop useful items for later on.

Once you've dealt with the enemies, continue to walk up the slope. If you find that you're a bit lost on which direction to go in, then face the Skull Torch stuck in the snow near where you fought the Bokoblins. Then, when facing the Torch, head up the long slope on your left to get back on track.

Keep walking up the slope and you'll eventually come to a flag at (-3361, 2468, 0300.)

zelda totk hebra slope flag

Once you reach this flag, follow the path to the left and you'll soon see the bonfire at the mouth of Hebra South Summit cave on your right at (-3394, 2491, 0314.)

zelda totk hebra south summit cave entrance

Head inside the cave and speak to Laissa who will inform you that Tulin is deeper in the cave with another Rito called Gesane.

Head further into the cave, following the path laid out for you by the endless rows of thorns. Eventually, you'll come to a large opening in the cave with a strong updraft blowing through it.

zelda totk hebra south summit cave updraft

Use your paraglider to ride the updraft up and, while in the air, look north and you should see an opening in the cave wall at (-3331, 2562, 0349.)

Head in here and follow the path around and up past some Luminous rock deposits. You'll also run into a Horriblin here - you can deal with them or simply run past them, it's your choice.

zelda totk hebra south summit cave luminous rock deposits and horriblin

Follow the path through where the Horriblin is/was and you'll come to a large opening where an unlit fire is surrounded by water.

zelda totk hebra south summit cave unlit fire surrounded by water

Smash the barrels next to the fire to get some Hylian Pine Cones, then throw a Hylian Pine Cone onto the unlit fire with some Flint and strike the Flint with anything metal (such as a sword) to light the fire.

Using the Hylian Pine Cone will cause the fire to create a strong updraft. Ride this updraft using your paraglider and, while in the air, look east. You should see another opening in the cave wall.

zelda totk hebra south summit cave higher cave entrance overhang

Head in here and follow the path through the cave until you seemingly come to a dead end. Some Stone Pebblits will attack you here, but you can just whack them with a hammer to get them to go away.

When in this dead end area, look up and east again. You should see another opening high up in the wall, but you can easily climb to this no matter what level your stamina wheel is at.

zelda totk hebra south summit cave dead end cave exit

Once through the opening, follow the path through the cave again until you find Gesane at (-3245, 2589, 0432.)

zelda totk hebra south summit cave gesane location

Speak to Gesane to learn that Tulin isn't in the cave anymore. Gesane will then point you in the direction of the cave exit - follow their directions and once you are outside of the cave, open your map and pin this point on the map below:

zelda tota talonto peak map location

Head north to Talonto Peak and at the very top of Tolanto Peak you'll find a single, lone Cedar tree. When you get to the tree, look east and you'll find Tulin at (-3147, 2703, 0568.)

How to get Tulin's Bow back in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Speak to Tulin and you'll find out that one of the flying monsters (Aerocuda) has taken his treasured Bow. You need to get it back before you can progress any further.

Head to the quest marker on your map to stand below the area that the Aerocuda is circling at (-3047, 2742, 0504). Now, there are probably multiple ways you can do this, but here's how we got Tulin's Bow back.

zelda totk talonto peak enemy den

Stand between the two lit torches here and watch the Aerocuda's flight path. Then, pull your bow and attach a Keese Eyeball to an arrow (this improves its accuracy and almost guarantees that you'll hit the target - you can use a Keese Wing if you need to, but you'll need to be more precise with your aim if you do).

If you need arrows, the boxes and barrels on this platform contain a few that you can take and use.

Aim at the Aerocuda and release the arrow. If the Keese Eyeball is attached to it, you'll almost definitely hit the Aerocuda which will cause it to drop Tulin's Bow!

zelda totk link aiming bow and arrow at aerocuda

Follow the cutscene and get ready to fight. Two Bokoblins and a Blue Bokoblin will be dropped in near you - deal with them however you'd like to but you can't run from this fight.

zelda totk aerocuda trio dropping in bokoblin trio

After beating the trio of Bokoblins, watch the cutscene that follows and get ready to fly!

How to finish Tulin of Rito Village quest in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

After you speak to Harth, your next job will be investigating the cloud and to do this you will need to know how to reach the Wind Temple.

zelda totk link and tulin talking to harth

Once you've made your way there, you need to complete the Wind Temple and beat the temple boss at the end to stop the blizzard covering the Rito once and for all!

Once you stop the blizzard, you will have completed the Tulin of Rito Village main story quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Congratulations!

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