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Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Marakuguc Shrine solution

How to find and solve the Wheeled Wonders Shrine.

The Marakuguc Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom can be found near Goron City which is very close to Death Mountain. This Shrine will teach you more ways to safely cross lava without Link being boiled to a crisp.

As with some other Shrines in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you will encounter a single enemy in this one so we recommend having one or two weapons you like using with you and some health-boosting meals if you're not confident in dealing with Constructs yet.

Without further ado, we're going to show you how to complete the Marakuguc Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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Marakuguc Shrine location in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The Marakuguc Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom can be found in Eldin. More specifically, it's slightly (and we mean slightly) north east of Goron City, west of Death Mountain, north of Goron Hot Springs and between Stolock Bridge and Goro Cave.

We've marked its exact location on the map below and the Marakuguc Shrine coordinates are (1761, 2508, 0437).

zelda totk marakuguc shrine map location

You won't need any special armor or elemental protection to get to this Shrine.

Marakuguc Shrine puzzle solution in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

To solve the Marakuguc Shrine, you'll need to use different wheeled vehicles to complete a series of puzzles and get Link from A to B without throwing him into lava.

When you first walk into the Shrine, look across from you and slightly right. You should see a broken bridge that is hanging down in a gap that you can't cross just yet.

zelda totk marakuguc shrine first broken bridge

Use Ultrahand to connect the end of the broken bridge on the side closest to Link to the other half of the broken bridge on the side you want to get to. This will make a bridge and you can then walk across it to get to the next part of this Shrine.

zelda totk marakuguc shrine first full bridge

In the next area of the Shrine, you should see a two-wheeled device and a long broken bridge next to it.

zelda totk marakuguc shrine second area wheeled vehicle broken long bridge

Attach the two-wheeled device to the very front of the broken bridge

zelda totk link attaching long bridge to two wheeled vehicle in marakuguc shrine

Then, activate the device so that it drags the bridge across the lava to the other side.

zelda totk marakuguc shrine second full bridge

If done successfully, the wheeled device will cause a bridge to form over the lava. Quickly and carefully, run across this bridge to get to the third area of this Shrine.

In the next area of this Shrine, you should see two more two-wheeled devices. All you need to do here is attach both of the devices together with Ultrahand to create a four-wheeled device that looks a lot like a car.

zelda totk marakuguc shrine first four wheeled vehicle

Jump onto the new four-wheeled device and ride it across the next pool of lava to the other side. However, make sure to deactivate the wheels to stop the vehicle once you get to the other side or you will roll off into the abyss.

Now, in this area you should see a mesh platform that is slightly above you that leads to the next level of this Shrine. Put your four-wheeled vehicle underneath the platform, climb onto it and use Ascend to get through the mesh platform to the next area.

zelda totk marakuguc shrine four wheeled vehicle and mesh platform

Once you are up on the next level of the Shrine, you should instantly see a Soldier Construct I. Take them out however you want to, and walk forwards into the final puzzle of this Shrine. This is also where the chest is, so let's grab that first.

In this area of the Shrine, you should see another four-wheeled device and a mesh metal platform on the floor next to it.

zelda totk final area marakuguc shrine

Grab the mesh metal platform with Ultrahand and then turn around until you see the chest on a slightly raised platform in the corner. Use the platform you're holding to make a ramp and use it to climb up to the chest. This chest contains a Mighty Construct Bow.

zelda totk marakuguc shrine ramp to chest

Once you've grabbed the chest, head back down to where the four-wheeled vehicle is. Then, use Ultrahand to attach the mesh metal platform to the front of the four-wheeled vehicle so it looks like the image below:

zelda totk marakuguc shrine ramp attached to four wheeled vehicle

Now, you should see a slightly lowered area filled with small orbs. Place your newly-formed four-wheeled device in front of this area and activate it. The device should start to roll down into the orb area, and the mesh metal platform you attached to it should begin to push clumps of the orbs through the grates into the next area.

The area beyond the grates has a pressure switch in the middle and you need to push enough orbs through to trigger it. You could, in theory, pick up the orbs one by one but who has time for that?

zelda totk marakuguc shrine four wheeled vehicle pushing orbs

It may take a few attempts to get enough orbs through, but once you do the gate to the Light of Blessing will open and you will have finished this Shrine!

Well done on completing the Marakuguc Shrine! If you want to try another one out, check out our Kyokugon Shrine solution guide. However, if you want a complete change of pace and outfit, take a look at our Phantom Armor set locations.

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