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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom builds become both musical and mathematical

Sine of the times.

Ever since Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom released, players have been flexing their creative muscles by building a host of weird and wacky designs. This has included mechs, trucks, tanks and Korok torture devices. Someone even built a pilotable T-rex, because why not.

A month on, however, these in-game designs have evolved even further, and we are seeing Zonai-crafted orchestras and functioning calculators turn up in the game.

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As a quick reminder, Link's new Ultrahand ability allows players to pick up, move, and rotate objects. These objects can then be fused to other objects to create something completely new and unique.

This is exactly what c7fab has done. They built a one-bit calculator by using rotating panels and lights, that can calculate sums of up to 1+1+1.

You can see how it looks in action below.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom's fan-made calculator.

While the sums themselves will not require a great deal of brain power to calculate, the mechanics of how this calculator works is a little more complicated.

Software developer Zenni told Kotaku that this creation uses "mirrors to act as logic gates and a physical gate to determine which inputs to switch between. The example [in the original video] is one bit, so adding one + zero which equals one, or one + one = zero with a carry of one.

"If you could bypass the drop limit of TotK, you could actually make a working calculator, which is really cool," they finished.

Add-ventures of Link. Screenshot via c7fab.

As for the musical side of things, Tears of the Kingdom's players have discovered that if you strike a Zonai Stake - an item that is perhaps more commonly used for adding support to platforms and ledges - it will ring with an almost musical note.

Combining multiple stakes together, or embedding them further into the ground, will change the tone. This means you can play out full tunes within Tears of the Kingdom, if you are inclined to do so.

There have been a few examples of this floating around the internet lately, but my favourite so far is below. Twitter user kabukichi00 has managed to bring the series' Song of Storms to Tears of the Kingdom. Have a watch and listen below.

I, meanwhile, am still delighted when I manage to add a fan to a plank of wood so I can cruise across a body of water. Sometimes, I even go in the direction I was intending...

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