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Wordle has moved to New York Times, and reset streaks


Hit puzzle game Wordle has moved to become part of New York Times, and users have complained this shift has reset their treasured play streaks.

The change follows the publication's purchase of the puzzler for a seven-figure sum, and has seen it transfer onto the New York Times website. (The old link will now autodirect for existing players.) The game's logo has also been redesigned.

However, the move has not been without issue. While most play stats have carried over (guess count, win count, number of game's played), the all-important streak count has not. Last night, the New York Times said it was "investigating" the issue - so there's hope it may return.

Earlier this month, the New York Times said Wordle would "initially" remain free for new and existing players after its acquisition.

Today, it was reported that Wordle had likely saved an elderly woman's life, after she failed to share her usual results with her family while being held hostage.

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