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Thumper follow-up Thrasher coming to VR next year

Evolve your space eel.

Weird purple space worm thing from Thrasher
Image credit: Puddle Games

Thrasher is the follow-up to rhythm horror game Thumper, coming out on Quest and PCVR.

Announced at tonight's The Game Awards, it's from the same artist and composer - Brian Gibson - as well as Mike Mandel who worked on Rock Band VR, Fuser and more. It will be out in 2024, with flatscreen versions to follow the initial VR release.

The game is now up on Steam and available to wishlist. Check out a trailer below.

Thrasher Announce Trailer

It's a "mind-melting cosmic racer and essential audiovisual experience" that transcends spacetime. "Use fast paced gestural controls to evolve your space eel from worm to megabeast in a breakneck race for survival that begins at the dawn of time."

It will also be a showcase for 3D audio and will combine spatial audio and haptic feedback for a "stunning sensory experience".

And as you'd expect, the electronic score sounds awesome.

If you missed out on Thumper, check out our review: "Great art and a distinct approach to rhythm action makes this a brilliantly horrible twitch experience."

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