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The Game Awards 2023 live report and bingo

You read that right.

A crop of The Game Awards poster. It shows a feminine angel statue leant back, arms/wings outspread. Maybe they're trying to fly away from it all. I wouldn't blame them.
Image credit: The Game Awards

The Game Awards 2023 is tonight and we'll be reporting it live, right here. So if you need a quick summary of everything that's happened, or you simply want to watch it along with us then please do - we've got your back.

Oh, and this year there's bingo. That's right, in an effort to stay awake and keep ourselves entertained, we've come up with a bingo card full of things Geoff Keighley may or may not do during the show. We think you'll like it.

The Game Awards 2023 begins at the ungodly hour of half-past midnight in the UK (0.30am GMT) and is likely to run on way past 3am. But think of all the announcements! I know Geoff Keighley has changed the language away from "world premieres" for the event, which suggests he doesn't have many world premieres, but there's still likely to be lots to talk about. In fact - tease - we know of a few things.

So what will it be? We know the Xbox version of Baldur's Gate 3 is getting a release date but what will the release date be - "available immediately"? That'd be exciting. I love a stealth drop. And surely Kojima will be there, but to do what - properly unveil Death Stranding 2?

Then, of course, there are the awards themselves. Will Baldur's Gate 3 take the armful we think it will?

Whatever happens, The Game Awards will likely be the last big gaming event of the year. So join us if you can, and let's send the year off in style.

A Eurogamer bingo card for The Game Awards! Featuring "Woman on stage" and "car advert" and "hot mic", and a host of other wonderfully helpful and comical suggestions by yours truly.
Image credit: Eurogamer
The official Game Awards livestream.

Our live coverage of this event has finished.

Key points

Welcome, welcome! Only seven hours to go. How will I ever concentrate on anything else?

Robert Purchese

What do you think of the bingo card? Nice touch, isn't it. Shout out to Lucy from the design team who made it look nice, and to Ed on the news team who came up with it.

Robert Purchese

I wish these shows weren't so long but there's a lot of interest tonight for various reasons. Some of them I touched on above, but others, we can talk about together down here. I wonder, for instance, whether there'll be any remark made about the situation in Gaza. I know there's pressure on Geoff and the show to say something, but will he?

Robert Purchese

MisterHC says: Question! And you brought this one on yourself. So, you say you know of things. Am not asking you to spill the beans….but are things you know of, worth staying awake for???

Haha - touché! Worth staying awake for? I've backed myself into an awkward corner here haven't I? The thing I am personally thinking of is a surprise but not a new game announcement, if that helps? That's about all I can say!

Robert Purchese

And when they see his performance they'll say: "What a Wonka!"

Robert Purchese

Flute Guy is back this year!

Robert Purchese

Dead By Daylight and Prince of Persia also tweeting about The Game Awards - evidently because they've got something to show there.

Robert Purchese

Kami says: Ah, it's tonight. I've already had a horribly long day.

Oof. Well, take a load off and eschew sleep tonight to be with us. We'll take your mind right off it I promise!

Robert Purchese

Hello, what's this - a tease from Don't Nod, the makers of Life is Strange? This is the original Life is Strange team, and the only tease we've seen so far points to a 1990s setting. So does this VHS.

Robert Purchese

Right! I'm off for a bit. Off to get my hair permed and nails done for later. See you in a while, crocodiles. Until midnight!

Robert Purchese

I just wanted to keep you abreast of this. Larian boss Swen Vincke may well be dressed in a suit of armour for the awards tonight, if the armour arrives in time! And word is that lead writer Adam Smith (formerly of Rock Paper Shotgun) may also be dressed as a bear. That's why this studio is in the running for Game of the Year, people.

Robert Purchese

Lifeis2D (He/Him) says: Yep, Don't Nod Montreal's first project which a hint toward them being very proud of was dropped as a reply to myself last year and... obviously I am very very hyped for!

Oh nice!

Robert Purchese

Zombie-Hamster says: Recovering from a bug at the moment (actual one, not the game variety!) so unfortunately no chance I'm going to make it even to the start sadly! Enjoy everyone and look forward to catching up on the news in the morning.

Oh no! Well don't worry, we'll round it all up for you. I hope you feel better soon! Go get yourself a hot water bottle.

Robert Purchese

swedishfish says: I don't think I've ever turned up for a party more than 6 hours early before. Do you... errr... want any help in the kitchen?

Oh yes please! If you could make everyone a starter that would be wonderful.

Robert Purchese

I'm back! I somewhat unexpectedly had a nap. That's what happens when you get over 40 I think.

How are you all doing? Did anyone else nap or did you power through - we'll see who the real winner is when we're mid-Geoff, eh?

Robert Purchese

VirtuaIceMan says: Sega are announcing *something*, with treat messages saying NEW ERA NEW ENERGY. Hope it's not a Sonic themed energy drink

Oh, yes indeed! The word is that it could even be a new IP. But in which genre I wonder?

Robert Purchese

Axiom says: Let's do it. I'm off tomorrow anyway so will grab a nice energy drink and watch the show.

Hang on, there's a nice energy drink?

Robert Purchese

Malek86 says: It's almost 11pm here, don't think I can make it to the show... sign me up for the "waking up early to check out the news" team.

Boo! Peer pressure boo! But no, I don't blame you. We'll be envious in the morning.

Robert Purchese

masteratt says: You can always watch everything on demand later but there's nothing like the LIVE ENERGY! So I'll try to stay up but won't push myself!

That's the spirit!

Robert Purchese

I was trying to remmeber how long we'd been doing these live reports for, and I think the answer is 2006! I remember them. We started doing them for E3, and it was back when PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 were unveiled. I think this Sony 2006 live report might be the first.

Anyway, back then, they provided an invaluable service. Video wasn't broadcast as easily from American conferences then as it is now. Only some sites, like GameSpot and IGN and GameTrailers, would get video access and even then, the videos they produced would be after the fact. So having a live, blow-by-blow account from the conference itself was exciting! Doubly-exciting because you never knew if you'd have enough internet at the event for it to work. Oh all the technical workarounds we tried - dongles, sim cards, you name it!

So much has changed now, of course, but the DNA remains!

Robert Purchese

kantaroo3 says: Love the bingo card. I would have added a pro / slim console announcement.

Oh good shout, good shout.

Robert Purchese

Grim... says: I forgot about this, and now I'm halfway through watching Conan the Barbarian. I'm trying to decide which to watch.

Haha - brilliant!

Robert Purchese

Lifeis2D (He/Him) says: We've had some great times in the live reports. What will Phil be wearing... will Martin make it back to the shed in time for the next game... ah memories. (And I second the PepsiMan need.... PEPSI-MAAAAANNNNN!)

Ah, Martin! The Live report legend. Who did them before him? I think it must have been Tom Bramwell. Big shoes to fill; literally - Brammers had canoes for feet.

Robert Purchese

Weebleman says: Ive been up all night with all three of my kids vomiting so im likely to miss this. Enjoy folks and best of luck keeping this lot in check @Bertie

Oh no! I hope everyone gets better soon. It's really going round, huh?

Robert Purchese

Kami says: Ah, I just got told I need to be up at 7am so I'mma have to skip tonight. Have a good one and I'll catch up with the headlines in the morning!

7am! It's nearly Christmas! How could they.

Robert Purchese

blarts says: Is Sony going to do a worldwide reveal of Jim Ryan’s proper successor because they’re GaaS games have gone off the deep end? Is PlayStation going to show a bit of Wolverine or just another remaster? Is Phil Spencer going to stealth drop another acquisition, or will we find out that Major Nelson has returned to MS but as an AI rolled into GamePass? Is Nintendo going to show more New IP or just some more Mario? Who knows? The anticipation is palpable…

You mean Major Nelson... wasn't an AI?!

Robert Purchese

JumpingJackson says: Can’t help but notice you don’t have Silksong on your bingo card you cowards! 😀 Good luck to those staying up to work the live blog. I’ll catch the highlights in the morning. Have a good one!

Good shout, and thanks!

Robert Purchese


Robert Purchese

Grim... says: I think I can see a flaw in the system if we all have the same bingo card...

Shh don't tell anyone that!

Robert Purchese

MrZappa says: Sending my apologies, Bertie - I’m bingoing to bed.

Oh no! But I respect you bowing out with a pun.

Robert Purchese

The live stream is about to begin. Not the show, just the live stream. That's the kind of excitement I've been reduced to clinging onto.

Robert Purchese

Nathan-DTS says: Had no idea this was on tonight. Phone notification buzzed me as I was about to go to sleep. I'll be going to sleep now anyway.

Haha - respect.

Robert Purchese

Well, I was hoping something would have happened by now - a bit of hold music, a swirly background. Maybe Geoff is doing his vocal warm-up and is frightened we'll hear.

Robert Purchese

"Geoff Keighly keys keenly. Geoff Keighly keys keenly. Geoff... YEAH! Come on, Geoff, you've got this, let's go!"

Robert Purchese

Grim... says: What are the rules on opening the next door of your advent calendar now that midnight has passed?

Oh gosh go FULL STEAM on that thing! You made it to midnight - that is a hell of an achievement!

Robert Purchese

Grim... says: Okay, I've turned Conan off on the outside chance of Hades 2 news.

What will Arnie say! But no, you made the right choice.

Robert Purchese

Disadvantages of a mechanical keyboard: it's not very stealthy for a middle-of-the-night live report. I have been relegated to my laptop.

Robert Purchese

Runcle says: I hope Pacino is back. Even though he's got nothing to do with games, and he's very upfront about that, I just love his energy.

Oh my good god I forgot about Pacino.

Robert Purchese

Grim... says: Not great so far, is it?


Robert Purchese

The Game Awards 2023 begins

The clock ticks down and we are about to begin. Well done to anyone in Europe or the UK who's up late watching this - we feel your pain. Now then Geoff, lets make it worthwhile, eh?

Robert Purchese

BINGO! It's a woman on Geoff's stage! It's Sydnee Goodman.

Robert Purchese

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons remake revealed

BINGO! It's "World Premiere".

It's the remake of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. What a game. I wonder how much they've changed. Note the addition of "originally directed by Josef Fares" - I assume he's not involved this time then?

Robert Purchese

28th February 2024. On PC, PlayStation and Xbox, by the looks of it.

I thought that looked good.

Robert Purchese

We're straight into the award for Best Family Game, and the winner is Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

Robert Purchese

Inscryption dev reveals Pony Island 2

BINGO BINGO BINGO - three "world premieres" in a row now.

First, the new game from Inscryption maker Daniel Mullins - I am very excited about this. It's got a similar cursed vibe, and that same voice over sound effect. It's a blend of genres again - it's hard to make out what the defining one is. It looks like you discover a cursed arcade machine. It's Pony Island 2!

Robert Purchese

What's this second game? We're seeing a bedroom with a murder board of string and post-it notes attached to it. The Rise of the Golden Idol. I'm not sure what that is.

And the third game. It's Tunic and it's a 3D action adventure game. We're following a modern-styled teenager in a kind of ghost world. Usual June, the game is called, and it's coming in 2025.

Robert Purchese

Well, that was quite a start, eh! It's often the pacing of these things that leaves a lot to be desired, though. Let's hope it can keep the momentum up.

It is unusual - and quite refreshing - not to have seen Geoff yet, though!

Rogueywon says: Is this the Korean MMO on the bingo board?

More or less - well remembered! I will need some reminding.

Robert Purchese

A few games flashing by now, Assassin's Creed Nexus VR in there. Ian will be pleased.

Forza Motorsport picks up the award for best accessibility. It is brilliant, and this whole category is brilliant, as the people accepting the awards say. The change has been incredible.

Grim... says: Three ladies on stage!

Bingo bingo bingo! I'm really impressed he's stayed off camera so far.

Robert Purchese

We're going to see a game called Harmonium: The Musical by The Odd Gentleman now. It's billed as an accessible music journey, and it's built fundamentally with sign language in mind. There's also sound for people with hearing. Nice idea. It's coming to Game Pass and Netflix.

I get the feeling Netflix is a big sponsor tonight.

Robert Purchese

andyturner says: I feel so old. All those silly names

Haha yes. A few eSports awards are being handed out in a row now. I think the fact the show is not dwelling on them speaks volumes.

Robert Purchese

Dead Cells dev's new game Windblown revealed

Windblown now, from the creators of Dead Cells. There's the sumptuous isometric gameplay, and co-op with up to two others it looks like. I'm getting strong Bastion vibes from it.

If this trailer is indicative of the actual experience of playing it, with all of these anime-style interludes, then it will be gorgeous. It's hard to tell, though. Still, lovely art direction all the same.

It's coming to PC early access in 2024.

Robert Purchese

We're seeing a kind of rhythm game now, it looks like. It's bizarre - it actually reminds me a lot of Flow. But this one is called Thrasher, and it's coming in 2024.

Thrasher is from the same artist/composer as Thumper.

Robert Purchese

Somapix says: Is that… a follow up to Thumper!?

It seems like it - yep!

Robert Purchese

We're romping onwards here. Now we're over to Atlus and P Studio to see a Persona of some kind - I'm showing my knowledge here aren't I. It's Persona 3 Reload. Coming 2nd Feb next year.

Robert Purchese

Jason says: Watching the host i kind of missed this E3 style cringe she just needs a bad dance and slip an expletive in to make it feel complete

She's doing really well, isn't she? Very confident and no cringe so far, as far as I can tell.

Robert Purchese

Another - bingo! - world premiere now. A team-up between two other nominated games apparently. Is that Dave the Diver and... Dredge?

It is! And it's coming 15th December.

Robert Purchese

Oh wow People Make Games are in this category - best content creator. Oh no Ironmouse wins. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! No shade on Ironmouse but I really wanted Chris, Anni and Quinns to win. They do incredible work.

Robert Purchese

Okay so Sydnee is here to do the pre-show, it sounds like.

Another world premiere 15 years in the making. Is this World of Goo?!

Robert Purchese

PolygonClassicist says: Really wanted PMG to win that too. The Disco Elysium doc alone was incredible work.

Indeed. Still scratching my head about the decision. Still, PMG doesn't have the awkward moment of having to accept the award and be a part of the awards, now. Some consolation?

Robert Purchese

That was World of Goo 2 by the way.

We're now seeing a new RPG from the makers of Persona 3, 4 and 5. It looks like Persona - it's got the same aesthetic. But the setting is older. It's hard to get much of a sense of the setting and story - we're seeing such a wide array of footage from it. But it does look sprawling and ecclectic and pretty good, actually.

Metaphor: Re Fantazio, the game is called. It's coming to PC and Xbox next year.

Robert Purchese

Geoff Keighley waits half an hour to take to the stage

I can't believe there was a pre-show before the show. I thought we were getting through it. But now here's Geoff delivering an opening speech. Is he going to mention something political?

Robert Purchese

Aonuma is here from Nintendo - Mr Zelda! Mark Cerny from Sony is here, the person behind the latest PlayStation. Melina Jurgens from Hellblade is here. Capcom is here. It's a stacked audience.

Now we're going to the Best Performance award. Christopher Judge is here to award it oh god.

Robert Purchese

Haha - he's parodying himself! The orchestra is playing over him as if he's about to waffle off on a huge speech again. "I'm gonna stick to the script! No eight minute speech like last year. But fun fact - my speech was actually longer than this year's Call of Duty campaign."

Sick burn, Judge! Sick burn.

My money is on Neil Newbon for Astarion for this award. Let's see.

Robert Purchese

Best Performance goes to Neil Newbon

He's milking that joke about the length of his speech.

And the award goes to Neil Newbon!

Robert Purchese

A shot of Larian leader Swen Vincke in the audience there, who is WEARING THE ARMOUR!

Neil is looking wonderful tonight in a kimono and flowing shirt and trousers. He is keeping it super-brief. He's thanking the community and he's getting a little teary-eyed. He's referencing the people who said that Baldur's Gate 3 helped them get through whatever they're getting through. Go Neil!

Robert Purchese

themightyant says: Spot the heavies! Geoff trying to make sure your Bingo #1 fails

I know right!

Robert Purchese

Holy shit Matthew Mcconaughey is here - they had to pick the person with the hardest name to spell, right?

He's here to premiere a video game that he's "a part of". He's going to be voicing a character in the game and he says "I will have a unique relationship with every character".

It sounds a bit like Gravity in how time moves differently in the game than it does for other people. Here's our first ever look at Exodus by Arctight.

Robert Purchese

Does Matthew count as an old actor? I don't think so. This sci-fi game is giving off Returnal vibes. We're seeing an astronaut called Max who it seems gets stranded in space alone. She goes through a jump-gate and lives a whole live in what seems like moments. This is all CGI - it's hard to get a sense of what the game actually is.

Ah, now we're seeing gameplay! Mass Effect vibes, Destiny vibes. It looks colourful. But also a bit slow?

No release date.

Robert Purchese

God of War Ragnarok DLC surprise drops next week

Another world premiere and it's PlaySTation Studios now. A chair in the water and... KRATOS!

It's Sony Santa Monica, it's God of War: Ragnarok - Valhalla. And it's coming 12th December 2023. Apparently it's got Roguelike elements in. And it's free.

Robert Purchese

Untitled Goose Game dev reveals new game

Now we're going over to Australia to a small dev. It's the creators of Untitled Goose Game!

We're seeing shots of a jungle and we're hearing animals. Now we've zoomed out to see some... ants? Are they ants? It's hard to tell - they're very low-fi. But they're walking on hind legs and talking like humans. They sound like plucky Australians.

Now they're jumping into a kind of toy world. This is... strange. But it all seems fundamentally multiplayer in how you come across other people.

It's Called Big Walk, it's by House House, and it's coming 2025.

Robert Purchese

This is the new Prince of Persia we're seeing now - The Lost Crown. It's coming 18th January.

We're on a bit of a montage. Now we're seeing the Lego update in Fortnite, which Tom went to see this week in New York. Expect his thoughts as soon as we can publish them.

Robert Purchese

Melina Jurgens is on the stage now - a former Best Performance winner for Hellblade. She's introduing a music spot for Heilung, who are playing a piece from the upcoming game Hellblade 2: Senua's Saga.

It's all appropriately folky and Scandinavian flavoured.

Not a bad start so far, eh? What do you think?

Robert Purchese

HerrProduk says: Does this count as an orchestra?

Haha yeah sure!

Robert Purchese

There was also another woman on the stage - bingo alert!

Give us a Hellblade 2 date you cowards!

Robert Purchese

It's a dark and atmospheric new trailer for Hellblade 2. The game looks as good as we think it will - that face tech looks icredible. But when is it coming out?

Boo, just a 2024 date for Hellblade 2: Senua's Saga.

Robert Purchese

Best Narrative goes to Alan Wake 2

Best Narrative award now and it is Alan Wake 2! I thought that would go to Baldur's Gate 3. Sam Lake goes up to receive the award. He's very handsome isn't he.

He's thanking the rest of the narrative team at Remedy, and the actors who worked on the game, and the directors involved with it. And the song makers - because they are here to perform of course.

Well done Remedy!

Robert Purchese

andyturner says: I love how the "hurry up" music makes the speeches sound so profound

Haha - yes!

Robert Purchese

Grim... says: Another lady on stage!

Bingo bingo! It's Ikumi Nakamura who was full of energy last year, and she's radiating it again. She's here to reveal her game that apparently doesn't have a publisher yet. It's some kind of urban-mythical adventure called Kemuri. The CGI trailer was nice, but what does the game look like?

Robert Purchese

Ori dev reveals new action RPG No Rest for the Wicked

A smalller project now from Private Division and Moon Studios, the creators of Ori.

Wow, this looks great. It looks like an action RPG in a pirate's nightmare of a world.

No Rest for the Wicked, it's called. We'll learn more 1st March.

Robert Purchese

themightyant says: Gotta admit there has been more unique looking games that I was expecting. Another one to add to the list. Love Ori, Moon has my attention.

Quite! Look out for a bit more information on the site later this morning.

Robert Purchese

HerrProduk says: I stay up for this stuff because in a world of on demand event TV is far and few between. Its basically just this and Eurovision for me these days.

What a combo - Eurovision and TGAs!

Robert Purchese

Runcle says: Its the same every year. Some very interesting looking Indies, few usuals that seem to be coming out every year, and one or two big announcements. Over 3 hours.

There is usually the big sag in the middle. Let's see.

Oh here comes Gonzo from the Muppets...

Robert Purchese

This is actually quite funny. Gonzo is dressed like Geoff, frankly he looks like Geoff, and he's parroting what Geoff is saying. Hes effortless.

And YES, Herr! This does count as an old actor on stage bingo!

Robert Purchese

Lifeis2D (He/Him) says: Oh no, someone with personality. Run, Geoff!

Teehee - giggle!

Robert Purchese

It's Best Debut Indie Game award time. Who's it going to be, who's it going to be?

Cocoon! What a game. Of course, Annapurna published it so is it really indie? Oh stop it Bertie. What an awkward acceptance speech.

Robert Purchese

Sega remaking Golden Axe, Jet Set Radio, Streets of Rage and more

Sydnee is back! And it's another world premiere.

Oh! We had another woman on stage there too, didn't we. Not that, as 35antonio says, they let her speak much.

This is some classic lifestyle ad trailer for... A load of old games remade? Was that Golden Axe? Was that Jet Set Radio? Shinobi! Streets of Rage! This must be Sega's big announce!

Robert Purchese

So there are five new games all to release over the next several years from Sega.

Robert Purchese

Supermassive Dead by Daylight crossover announced

I love me a Supermassive game and their party-horror vibe they bring. This looks like a trailer for a new one. A group of teens exploring dark tunnels and cursed areas: check.

Oh it's a Dead by Daylight game! A single-player experience called The Casting of Frank Stone.

Robert Purchese

New Mana game announced

We're now seeing a world we haven't seen in a while. It's Secret of Mana, but new! It's a new Mana game! Visions of Mana it's called. The adventure begins in 2024, whatever that means.

Robert Purchese

Now we're seeing a feudal Japan-set game, I think, with samurai on rooftops and fighting boss fights. It looks like Ghost of Tsushima but not quite as nice? Don't be mean, Bertie.

It's Rise of the Ronin and I think it's from Team Ninja.

It's coming out 22nd March 2024.

Robert Purchese

More awards! And Best Action Game goes to Armored Core 6. Then we're straight into Best Art Direction, which goes to Alan Wake 2. That's two for Alan Wake 2 now. Best VR/AR goes to REsident Evil Village. Best Mobile Game goes to Honkai: Star Rail.


Evidently they weren't the very popular awards.

Robert Purchese

Totally switched off there. I saw a bunch of content creators getting scared. It's The Outlast Trials, coming 5th March. Looks creepy.

What a strange nicotine advert that was!

Robert Purchese

Kojima working with Jordan Peele on new horror game OD

It's Hideo Kojima time! BINGO!

We're seeing a feminine character recounting tongue-twisters. The facial animation is incredible. This is how the game's cast is being announced.

OD, the game is called.

Robert Purchese

Hideo Kojima is on stage now. Look at that incredible Kojima Productions brooch he has on. Talk about bling.

Sophia Lillis, Hunter Schafer were the actors whose names I missed in the trailer.

"I always like to challenge groundbreaking things." It sounds like he's working with Xbox Game Studios, on their cloud technology. "And it is a game, don't get me wrong, but it is at the same time a movie and a new form of media."

Is that the Luniz music the orchestra is playing?

Holy shit! Jordan Peele! "Please welcome Jordan Peele to the Kojima-verse," says Geoff.

"What's up? How's it going?" says Peele. Apparently he's a huge fan of Kojima's games, but then he would say that.

Robert Purchese

Kojima and Peele are praising each other on stage. You're the best, no you're the best - that kind of thing. Peele says Kojima's new game is terrigfying.

"What I can say right now is it's not just Jordan - I have other collaborators..." He can't say who they are yet, but he refers to them as The Avengers.

Telling that Kojima walked through a very PT-like door, maybe?

Robert Purchese

We're now seeing a new Jurassic Park game by the looks of things, which is aping almost exactly the sequence from the original film with the raptors in the kitchen. We're following an unfamilliar character though - a young woman.

I wonder if she's supposed to represent us. Maybe it's a VR experience of some kind?

Ah, no, it's a first-person, cinematic game. It's Jurassic Park: Survival. So, some kind of survival horror then I suppose? And we were getting a glimpse at the threats.

Robert Purchese

Best Audio design now, and the award goes to Hi-Fi Rush! Lovely stuff.

Robert Purchese

35antonio says: If they play that fucking violin


Robert Purchese

Kami says: Not just you Runcle, it's lagging hard

It's slow in the backend too. Sorry about this! We are going to raise it with tech in the morning - in the later morning.

Robert Purchese

This looks like Rocksteady's Suicide Squad, which Ed went to see the other day, so look for his ipressions soon.

2nd February 2024 for this.

Robert Purchese

Two more women on the stage!

Warframe update now, and one of the people from Digital Extremes on the stage has the most increible spiked rings on over red gloves. Love that.

Robert Purchese

How many of you play Warframe, incidentally? It continues to look incredible.

This update, Whispers in the Wall, is coming next week - 13th December.

Robert Purchese

andyturner says: The crowd went mild. After that Kill The Justice League trailer. A few years ago when it first got announced, the room went wild.

Yeah the tide has turned on this one. It'll be interesting to see what reaction it gets when it comes out.

Robert Purchese

Awwkward trailer for Strarfield there - the game that's not up for Game of the Year here.

Robert Purchese

spookyxelectric says: Hallelujah it’s raining men!


Robert Purchese

We're back with Sydnee on stage now. It's last year's Games for Impact award winner from the As Dusk Falls team, Carolina Marshall. As Dusk Falls was great - I really liked that. It's coming to PlayStation in March next year.

She's going to be presenting the Games for Impact award this year. Oh hang on, that's another woman on the stage!

Some absolute bangers in this list. Let's see who it is... It's T'Chia! Donlan will be chuffed!

Robert Purchese

Abubakar Salim is on stage now - he from Assassin's Creed. He says he remembers watching The Game Awards when he was younger, like it was a childhood thing. Christ, Abu - way to make us feel old!

He's talking about losing his father and processing his grief, bless him - he's clearly a bit emotional about it. Four years ago it prompted him to take a risk. He's going to show the game his studio has been making.

It's a game for his "old man", as he puts it.

Supported by Ridley Scott and Critical Role, this game.

We're seeing an African-ispired fantasy - a platform game that is directly about a man losing his fateher it seems. It looks colourful and energetic.

Zau: Tales of Kenzera - 23rd April 2024.

Robert Purchese

Dont Nod's new game Lost Records announced

Now it's the new game from Life is Strange maker Dont Nod. A group of teens and some found footage, maybe? 27 years later, the same teens are back. Lost Records: Bloom & Rage, coming late 2024.

Robert Purchese

ORCHESTRA! BINGO! And they're playing music from a game we don't know about yet. The music is written by Nobuo Uematso. It's the theme song from FF7 Rebirth!

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spookyxelectric says: First Berserker Khazan looked very early 360 “please buy us, Japan.”

It did, didn't it? I couldn't quite bring myself to write about it. But it also sort of looks fun?

Robert Purchese

Grim... says: Honestly, Square can make 100 of these Final Fantasy 7 remake chapters and I'll sling my wallet at them every single time.

You and many others!

Robert Purchese

Ooh but that's not all for Final Fantasy fans. We're hearing a Scottish accent and is that Cloud's sword?

It's an Apex Legends crossover event. Weird.

"Limits are made to be broken," Keighley says, sneaking an awful marketing slogan in.

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More awards including Best Music

More awards now.

Best Score & Music goes to Final Fantasy 16. I thought Baldur's Gate 3 would get that.

Best Independent game goes to Sea of Stars!

Best Community Support goes to Baldur's Gate 3.

Best Fighting Game goes to Street Fighter 6, unsurprisingly.

Most Anticipated Game goes to Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

Robert Purchese

Kami says: Why do I get the feeling I should have stayed in bed lol

There have been some good moments. But yeah, it's starting to drag a bit now. Awards-wise, it's not the clean sweep I was expecting for Baldur's Gate 3. I wonder if Swen feels self-conscious in his suit of armour now.

Robert Purchese

What is this pirate game we're seeing? Is this finally Skull & Bones? This has been in development for ages. And now it's coming out 16th February! Looks a bit... ropey.

There's a closed beta coming 15th-18th December. You can sign up for it now.

Robert Purchese

Arkane Lyon's new game is Blade

Now we're seeing Arkane Lyon's new game!

Holy crap it's Blade! As in Marvel's Blade!

Dinga Bakaba from Arkane is here to talk about it. "After Dishonored and Deathloop, our first order of business was to make another typical Arkane game but that was easier to say in a French accent."

It's a mature action adventure game where you get to play Blade your way. I mean, yeah, why not? It could work. "It is a dream to be making a game about Blade, in Paris, my home town," says Bakaba. "Well, if my home town was walled in and filled with blood thirsty invaders that come out at night."

It's immersive THIRD-person adventure - that's a key difference.

Robert Purchese

Anthony Mackie is here to tell us Twisted Metal, the TV show, is coming back for a second season. I didn't see the original. But I loved him as Marvel's Falcon! Or do we call him the new Captain America? I'm not sure.

He's here to announce the award for Best Ongoing Game. Cyberpunk 2077! Good for them! Although an expansion is a weird entry in an ongoing category, maybe?

Robert Purchese

There's that hurry-up orchestral music again! Is it realy there to hurry people along?

Steve C Martin from Lightspeed now, a former Rockstar dev, is here to unveil a new project. A triple-A futuristic open-world game.

Soldiers, robots. CGI. Women and children are cowering inside a temple of some kind. Oh, the woman is a robot too. Now a demon has arrived, which is presumably the player character. They leap off a motorbike and annihilate everyone. It's a female lead character. It's a futuristic Tokyo maybe? Last Sentinel, the game is called.

Robert Purchese

Ah, that next trailer was The Last Descendant from Nexon, which is launching next summer.

Robert Purchese

HerrProduk says: I've never played a Hoyoverse game but every trailer of ZZZ makes me kind of want to despite my usual aversion to anime stuff.

I think they're slowly changing people's minds! That new one looked interesting. We'll have to wait and see though!

Robert Purchese

Grim... says: If this isn't a Starship Trooper's game I'm going to be sad

I know right! It's very similar in tone. But it's Helldivers. Coming out in February.

Robert Purchese

Actor David Hare is on stage there to announce the live performance of Heralds of Darkness from Alan Wake 2.

This is the in-game song that's created a bit of a stir! There's Alan, in the middle of some shadows spiralling around him. Respect for the live singing!

Robert Purchese

spookyxelectric says: I don’t remember taking drugs this evening…

Oh you definitely did!

I take back what I said about the live singing. The cast aren't, the band is.

Robert Purchese

Grim... says: Who was saying they only watch the Game Awards and Eurovision? Because TGA is covering both now!

Haha yes! Sam Lake is on the stage now living his best life. What a night.

Robert Purchese

An update on GTFO. The final chapter is coming and there's a free weekend coming. But there's something more...

Ulf Andersson from 10 Chambers is announcing a new game, a sci-fi heist game, a passion project. We're going to see a trailer.

It's a stylised, theme-setting look at some chap being tortured while we see cuts of robots and some shooting gameplay.

Den of Wolves, the game is called. There's no date.

Robert Purchese

Grim... says: Swearing bingo!


Robert Purchese

That game was Exoborne by the way, and we have a story going up about it soon.

Matt Mercer is coming to the stage! He's here to talk about Asgard's Wrath 2, a VR game. It actually looks quite good? Mercer voices Loki in the game.

I hear you spooky about the Asura's Wrath mix-up!

Robert Purchese

Ooh ooh, we're about to get our first look of the Fallout TV show!

Robert Purchese

The cast of the show are on the stage now. The show is coming to Prime in April. It looked... okay to me?

They're here to announce the award for Best Adaptation, which I can only imagine going to The Last of Us, which was great. Castlevania: Nocturne was good too! The Mario film was pretty good as well, actually. Gosh.

The Last of Us wins. Shame there's no Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsay to pick it up!

Robert Purchese

Grim... says: @robert you posted the last thing twice

Thanks! The system is lagging pretty bad and it's getting quite hard to use!

Robert Purchese

No Man's Sky dev announces Light No Fire

Ooh, ooh - this is Hello Games' new thing. It'll be interesting to see how differnt the announcement process is to No Man's Sky, which is now infamous, unfortunately, though the studio has of course made good on the game, as all of these updates we're seeing show.

So, what's new?

Sean Murray, boss of Hello Games, is with Geoff Keighley. "What people don't know is that for the last five years we've been working on something new. Something very different, something maybe very ambitious..."

"Here we go!" jokes Geoff - and it's a good joke!

He's talking about building a world this time, not a universe, I don't think. He's talking about generating a detailed world, with mountains that are miles high. He's calling it, and wait for this, "The first real open world. A place with no boundaries." And they're going to let everyone play in it together. He hasn't lost his talent for hyping things up, eh!

We're going to see the first trailer.

We're seeing a very colourful, procedural, fantasy earth. We're underwater with multiple characters swimming and it is packed with vibrancy. Now we're emerging from the water and the land is tall grass of manay colours - autumnul colours. And there are buildings. One player just got on the back of a humming bird. Others are now mounting dragons and flying above green lakes. There are those huge mountains Murray talked about. There's a floating island. Now we're with bulkier characters exploring a swamp, or a rabbit character inside a temple.

The game is called Light No Fire.

There's no date that I heard.

Robert Purchese

HerrProduk says: That was a lot more impressive and good looking than I expected. Which honestly kind of makes me more skeptical, not less.

Yeah. The reveal seemed to follow a similar pattern to No Man's Sky's, with that kind of emergence from under water into the world and then up into the sky. It'll be interesting to see what detail there is in the actual mechanics of the game, like what systems are in there, are we surviving in it. And, I suppose most of all, is a pure MMO - how is it handling that?

Robert Purchese

Shang-Ci actor Simu Liu is on stage to talk about the STormgate RTS he's helped voice, and we see a bit of it. But really he's here to announce the award for Best Action Adventure, which goes to Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Gosh that came out this year, didn't it? What a year.

Robert Purchese

More awards inc. RPG and Action

Speeding through another few awards.

Best RPG goes to Baldur's Gate 3! It's first proper award of the night.

Best Sim/Strategy goes to Pikmin 4!

Best Sports/Racing game goes to Forza Motorsport.

Best Multiplayer goes to Baldur's Gate 3!

Player's Voice - the community vote - goes to Baldur's Gate 3! Well, BG3 certainly scooped up a few there.

Robert Purchese

Not long to go now. We're approaching the business end. What are the big announcements Geoff has up his sleeve?

Robert Purchese

FF16 DLC out today!

Another world premiere from Square Enix this time.

Final Fantasy 16. Echoes of the Fallen - coming today! The Rising Tide - coming next year.

Robert Purchese

Vince Zampella is here to announce Best Direction which goes to Alan Wake 2! Good night for Remedy. Sam Lake is on stage to say thank you, and he looks quite emotional.

Robert Purchese

The Finals releases today!

Stealth political comment by Sam Lake there, saying we could all use a way to get along together in the real world. It's the closest we've come tonight.

The Finals time now! Prepare yourself for an announcement!

I got a chance to play the launch build of this last week and I will have a preview going up any moment.

Launch build you say? Why yes! Because as we're finding out now, it's out TODAY!

Robert Purchese

Monster Hunter Wilds announced

We've got Game of the Year to come, and maybe one more thing?

This is the final world premiere. We see some monsters that look a bit like dinosaurs. A character riding on the back of one of an ostrich-like creature. Monsters are fighting all around them. There's a big sword on their back. Capcom!

It's Monster Hunter. Monster Hunter Wilds. And it's coming to PS5 and Xbox Series S/X in 2025.

Robert Purchese

Game of the Year goes to BG3

We're going to hear more next summer.

And now it's Game of the Year time, and here's Timothée Chalamet here to announce the winner. We're going to hear a medley of music from the games before we hear who the winner is.

Flute Guy! In full swing there. It's a great performance. That was grand!

Game of the year goes to Baldur's Gate 3, and there's an almighty roar in the auditorium as Swen Vincke goes up in his glistening armour to accept the award.

Swen is thanking the team at Larian who spent six years making the game. A shot of Adam Smith in the audience there, who looks like he has a tear in his eyes.

Congratulations Larian!

Robert Purchese

Note that we DID NOT get the Xbox release date for Baldur's Gate 3, which had been promised. I wonder what happened there.

Rob Fahey

Baldur's Gate 3 out on Xbox now!

Scratch that! It's out now. Larian has announced it on Twitter, it just didn't say anything at the show!

Robert Purchese

And that really is a wrap. Sorry about the lag for those of you who joined us this morning - we'll make sure that's not a thing again. But otherwise, what did you think?

I think there were some exciting announcements in there, and the show itself was well presented, if a bit long - as always. Go try The Finals, which is out today - I thought it was great when I played it.

And how about that new Hello Games game? That looked hot.

Let's catch up again in the morning. Good night for now and thanks for joining us!

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Our crossed out bingo card. Most of the slots weren't checked off.
Image credit: Eurogamer

Here's how our bingo card did. I guess you can say we were pleasantly surprised then?

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