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The classic Doom games are currently just £1 each

Hell yeah.

Need something to sate your demon-slaying desires before the launch of Doom Eternal next month? Why not go back to where it all started with some classic Doom games for just £1.20 on Switch?

It's the sort of money you'd probably find if you stuck your hand down the back of the sofa. Go on, take a look right now and see what you find - the deals can wait.

Find anything? If it's money you didn't think you had in the first place, why not spend it on a little treat for yourself to get the rip and tear juices flowing?

Both original Doom and Doom 2 are a paltry £1.20. On account of it being not quite as old, Doom 3 comes at the extortionately premium price of, oh, it's just £2.40. So, that's three Doom games for less than a fiver. Yeah, I'll buy that all day.

If you've got any spare gold points sitting around on your Switch account you might find there's enough to cover the cost of these, too.

It's not only Nintendo that's getting involved with this bargain offer, though. You can also find the Doom franchise sale over at the Humble Store with these exact same prices.

Before you baulk at the idea of playing these ancient Doom games again, let me just say that I ran through the first entry again quite recently and came away stunned at how well it still holds up after all these years. I definitely still found myself getting lost within its dark labyrinthine levels more than a few times, too.

In fact, I'm going to go get all three of these downloaded right now so my next commute is far more hellish - for all the right reasons, though.

If these get you in the mood, definitely trudge over to Jelly Deals where you can find the best price for Doom Eternal, as well as guides to the best PS4 external hard drive and top picks for Nintendo Switch SD card.

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