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The Case of the Golden Idol is getting a 70s-set murder mystery sequel next year

On PC, consoles, and Netflix.

An illustration-style screenshot from The Rise of the Golden Idol showing a magazine and coffee cup in front of a 70s TV screen.
Image credit: Color Gray Games

Last year's The Case of the Golden Idol was a murder-mystery treat, and developer Color Gray Games has now revealed there's more deductive adventure on the way in follow-up The Rise of the Golden Idol, launching for PC and consoles next year.

The big change this time around is that The Rise of the Golden Idol ditches the 18th century setting of its predecessor in favour of a slightly more contemporary time period, whisking players to the 1970s where they'll need to solve 15 new cases of "crime, death and depravity".

The Rise of the Golden Idol will see players attempting to make sense of a grand mystery in an age of "hallucinogens, fax machines, parapsychology and TV guides", in a quest that'll bring them face-to-face with "enlightenment seekers, convicts, chat show hosts and corporate middle management" - all with their their own motives and agendas.

The Rise of the Golden Idol reveal trailer.Watch on YouTube

There's no release date for The Rise of the Golden Idol at the moment, but it'll be coming to PlayStation, Switch, Xbox, Steam, and mobile devices via Netflix sometime next year.

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