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Starfield finally getting much-requested Nvidia DLSS support on PC next week

Will initially launch as a Steam Beta update.

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Bethesda has announced it'll finally be introducing a number of much-requested graphics features to Starfield on PC next week - including its long-awaited Nvidia DLSS support - with all additions initially arriving as a Steam Beta update prior to general release.

PC players have aired their frustration with Starfield's lack of DLSS support since before launch (its absence was initially believed to be the result of Bethesda's partnership with AMD, although AMD insisted otherwise), and it wasn't until September - one week after the game's arrival - that Bethesda finally committed to adding it in a future update.

At the time, the developer also pledged to introduce 32:9 ultrawide monitor support, a field-of-view slider, an HDR calibration menu, plus brightness and contrast controls; some of those features have already been implemented in previous updates, and at least a few more of the remaining ones will make it into next week's update alongside DLSS support.

Digital Foundry reckoned the PC version of Starfield "still requires a lot of work" back at launch.

In a post announcing Starfield's impending update on social media, Bethesda explained players can expect "Nvidia DLSS support with frame generation, display and HDR controls for supported systems, and other optimisations and improvements." These new additions will initially only be available as part of an opt-in Steam Beta, and Bethesda says it's looking for feedback on the update before it goes live for all players on PC and Xbox.

The studio is yet to share an exact launch date for Starfield's Beta update, but says it'll be sharing specifics "soon".

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