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Sonic Dream Team puts players in "exhilarating flow state", says studio head

Inspired by skate park design.

Sonic chased by Amy from Sonic Dream Team animated intro
Image credit: Sega

Sonic Dream Team, the forthcoming mobile game, will put players in an "exhilarating flow state", according to Sega Hardlight studio creative director Dan Rossati.

Interviewed by Touch Arcade, Rossati revealed some fresh details about gameplay and its Apple Arcade exclusivity.

Fans have compared gameplay footage to Sonic Adventure, but when asked about this comparison Rossati stated this is not intended to be a successor.

Sonic Dream Team - Animated Intro

"The vision was to make a game that allowed players to get into an exhilarating flow state. Early on, I was waving my hands around, emulating rollercoasters and halfpipes, while enthusiastically trying to communicate what I meant by flow," he said. "On top of that, we knew that we'd be catering to both touchscreen and controller, so the controls had to be as accessible as possible while allowing the player maximum control at high speeds."

He continued: "To achieve this, we considered skate parks and bobsled runs with rounded corners so you can easily transition from floor to wall, keeping your flow. We also added in the boost, which, if you find a good line through the levels, you should be able to chain them to get some amazingly fast run-throughs.

"We're looking forward to seeing what the speed run community can do with the gameplay on offer this time."

This is great news for Sonic fans - the best games of the series allow players to flow smoothly through levels at varying speeds, with speed runs the ultimate goal for experts.

On Apple Arcade exclusivity, Rosatti said: "When Apple Arcade launched, we were delighted it brought about the conversation of getting a true 3D Sonic platformer into the lineup. Having worked with Apple and the Apple Arcade platform previously for Sonic Dash+ and Sonic Racing, we knew that Sonic Dream Team would be a great fit for our next game on iOS."

Further, the studio is shaping up plans for post-launch content and the game will have plenty of replay value thanks to its level structure.

"The levels were made for exploration, so players will only find some things in the first few passes. As you unlock the characters in the flow of the story, you'll be able to get to new areas and find different routes, too," said Rosatti.

"If you happen to be a bit more hardcore in how you play, the game does have a pretty high skill ceiling in terms of fast-speed runs, so trying to find the most optimal routes through levels is where I think the most replay comes from for advanced players."

Sonic Dream Team was surprise announced last month as a new 3D platformer for mobile. It sees familiar Sonic protagonists racing through dreamlike levels, including Cream the Rabbit.

The game's animated intro was also revealed last week, you can watch it above.

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