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Skull and Bones reportedly now targeting a February release next year

After over five years of delays.

A promotional image for Skull and Bones showing a large wooden ship with crimson sails racing across the ocean beneath bright blue skies.
Image credit: Ubisoft

Ubisoft's beleaguered pirate adventure Skull and Bones is - following yet another delay back in October - reportedly now targeting a 16th February release next year.

Skull and Bones has, of course, been a very long time in the making, with development starting over a decade a go in 2013. Since then, it's suffered repeated delays (it was originally expected to arrive in 2018), most recently seeing its release shift to Q4 of Ubisoft's current financial year, meaning a launch within the January-March 2024 period.

And Ubisoft has now reportedly narrowed that previous launch window down to 16th February 2024 according to Insider Gaming, which has a good track record when it comes to Ubisoft leaks. The site says the publisher is likely to make the new release date official in "the next couple of weeks", potentially during December's The Game Awards.

Skull and Bones gameplay from back in January - it was expected to launch in March 2023 at the time.

Insider Gaming also reports the £49.99 edition of Skull and Bones currently available to pre-order on the Ubisoft Store will be accompanied by a Premium Edition that'll cost an additional £15-20 and include three days of early access. You know, just in case your patience finally snaps 72 hours before launch, having already waited 10 years for its arrival.

Alongside Skull and Bones - which will be available for Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation, 5, and PC when it eventually shows up - Ubisoft's first quarter of 2024 will see the release of Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, as well as free-to-play titles Rainbow Six Mobile, The Division Resurgence, and XDefiant. Ubisoft's mystery "large game" - reported to be Massive Entertainment's promising Star Wars: Outlaws - was originally due to launch in the same window, but it's now been pushed into the publisher's next financial year.

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Skull and Bones

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