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PS5 Slim: where to buy, release date window and price

Here's where to buy the new PlayStation 5 Standard and Digital consoles.

The PS5 slim disc and discless versions stood vertically side by side with Dualsense controllers. A disclaimer in the corner reads "vertical stand sold separately".
Image credit: Sony

The new PS5 Slim got announced by Sony on 10th October 2023 and launched in early November 2023 in the US. Pre-orders are available in the UK and will launch this week. In our guide, we're keeping you updated on the new PS5 Slim release date for the UK, price and where to buy the new PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital consoles.

You can also find out more about the new PS5 Slim's design including its reduced weight and size, improved features and new accessories like the optional disc-drive and vertical stand.

Where to buy the PS5 Slim

A promotional photo showing the new-look PlayStation 5 and PS5 Digital Edition next to a PS5 controller.
Image credit: Sony

In the UK, retailers Argos, Amazon, Currys, Game, and Very are taking pre-orders for the PS5 slim disc and digital console, along with the extra disc drive and vertical stand, with orders shipping on 29th November.

In the US, the new PS5 Slim console is available from major retailers like Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart.

You can still buy the original PS5 Disc console, but Sony stated that once the previous models have sold out, the new PS5 Slim models will be the only versions available to buy. Check our PS5 Stock checker guide if you want the original standard or digital console before they're gone.

If you want to buy the new PS5 Slim, check out the list below. We'll update it with more retailers soon.

Where to buy PS5 Slim in the UK



PlayStation Direct

  • PS5 Slim Disc Edition- £479.99 at PlayStation Direct
  • PS5 Slim Digital Edition- £389.99 at PlayStation Direct
  • Very




    Where to buy the PS5 Slim in the US


    Best Buy



    PS5 Slim release date

    The slim PS5 disc version stood horizontally with a Dualsense controller
    Image credit: Sony

    Sony stated the new PS5 launched in November in the US, and “will continue to roll out globally in the following months”. The PS5 Slim UK release date is 29th November 2023.

    Prior to the US release, there was an apparent leak from Billbil-kun of Dealabs, noting a Japanese release date for a Spider-Man 2 bundle on 8th November, followed by an additional release date of 10th November for the new PS5 console. This ended up being correct.

    PS5 Slim price

    The new PS5 with Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive will be priced at £480/€550/$499, and the new PS5 Digital Edition will cost £390/ €450/ $449. There is only a price hike for the PS5 Digital Edition in the US, whilst the price remains the same in the UK and rest of Europe.

    The Spider-Man 2 bundle will be priced at $559.99 in the US, which costs the same as the current standard console bundle with the game.

    If players want to purchase the add-on disc drive for their PS5 Digital Edition console at a later date, it will cost £100/€120/$80.

    The optional vertical base being sold separately from the PS5 slim models. It consists of a metal ring with a plastic bit running through the middle, where the console sits.
    Image credit: Sony

    The new PS5 Slim will also only stand horizontally unless you want to spend an extra £25/€30/$30 for a vertical stand.

    PS5 Slim design and features

    In comparison to the previous PS5 models, Sony has said the new PS5 Slim consoles have been reduced in volume by 30 per cent. The new standard PS5 has also had a weight reduction of 18 per cent, whilst the Digital Edition has had a 24 per cent weight reduction.

    The smaller designs will feature a 1TB SSD - that's a 175GB increase of internal storage in comparison to the previous PS5 models, which featured an oddly-sized 825GB SSD. Although not mentioned by Sony, we imagine the additional internal SSD slot will still be present so that you can further expand your storage with a PS5 compatible SSD.

    The overall appearance is similar in design to the original, with two glossy panels on the top and two matte panels on the bottom.

    The new Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive attachment is positioned in the bottom left quadrant in the standard version of the machine. There's a removable panel on the the digital-only version, where you can attach the drive at a later time, should you decide to buy one. Apparently the disc-drive will require an internet connection to pair the device during its installation.

    That's all for now! Check back for the latest updates on the PS5 Slim release date, and where to buy it from. In the meantime you can check out the best PS5 deals here and follow our Deals topic to be notified about even more offers on PS5 games, consoles and ascessories.

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