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Previously acquired Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 content transferable to Modern Warfare 3

Plus, MW3 content useable in Warzone.

Various examples of previously available Modern Warfare content, including weapons and cosmetics, arranged into a single image.
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Following the official unveiling of Modern Warfare 3 earlier this week, Activision has confirmed players will be able to transfer a "vast amount" of previously acquired Modern Warfare 2 content over to this year's sequel when it launches in November.

Activision shared the news in a blog on the Call of Duty website, explaining that transferable content will include the likes of "weapons and cosmetic content, including Bundles, Operators, and other rewards" previously unlocked by players or currently available in Modern Warfare 2.

While most previously accrued Modern Warfare 2 content will be available in Modern Warfare 3, there are some exceptions, primarily where gameplay differences exist between the two games. "For example, if MW3 doesn't have the Tactical Amphibious Vehicle, or a specific piece of Tactical or Lethal Equipment in any game modes," Activision explains, "any Skins you’ve unlocked for these items in MW2 won't be in MW3." Wartracks music will also not transfer.

Activision officially unveiled Modern Warfare 3 with this largely uninformative teaser trailer.

Today's announcement appears to mark the start of a more general push for shared content across the Call of Duty series. Activision says it'll be making all acquired Modern Warfare 3 content available for use in Warzone once the new game's Season 01 begins, and it also confirms the upcoming Warzone Mobile will integrate with Warzone and Modern Warfare 3.

"We intend to make all Operators, Weapons, Blueprints, and cosmetic equipment accessible," the publisher explains in its post, "as well as integrating Player Level, Battle Pass access, and Weapon progression among these games."

There's a lot more information on the minutiae of Activision's so-called "carry forward" process - the first time such a feature has been available in the Call of Duty series - in the FAQ accompanying today's blog post, should you be curious to learn more.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was finally made official earlier this week, following months of reports claiming this year's instalment would be a sequel to Modern Warfare 2. Activision is yet to discuss Modern Warfare 3 in any specific detail, but it has confirmed a 10th November launch on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and PC.

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