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Pick up a PS5 slim for £432 thanks to this Christmas discount at Hamleys

Currently the cheapest place to get the standalone PS5 slim console.

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Sony released the new PlayStation Slim disc and digital consoles at the end of November, priced at £480/€550/$499 and £390/ €450/ $449 respectively.

Since then, there have been lots of different bundles available for the updated console, with an offer available at Currys that gets you a free game.

If you're looking to grab a new PS5 slim disc console and want just a straight discount, the best place for that right now is at Hamleys, where there's 10 per cent off the standalone console:

PlayStation 5 Console (Slim) - £432 at Hamleys (was £480)

Get it with free delivery

The new 'slim' PlayStation consoles are here to replace the first versions of the PS5 Digital and Disc consoles. The obvious difference is that these newer consoles feature around a 30 percent reduction in size and are approximately 450 grams lighter than the originals, though they are still fairly chunky consoles.

Perhaps the biggest change is that the SSD in the new consoles is actually a 1TB SSD, rather than 825GB. That's a decent bump in base storage, though you can still add your own extra SSD to the PS5 should you need to.

If you've been looking to get yourself or someone you know a PS5 console for Christmas, this is a good discount to grab while you can. If you want to see what other discounts and bundles there are on the PS5 slim, you can check out our where to buy page for the new console, as well as our Christmas PS5 guide.

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