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No Man's Sky studio unveils procedural fantasy planet adventure Light No Fire

"A game about adventure, building, survival and exploration together".

A screenshot from Light No Fire showing players building together in a lush forest valley beneath a towering, snowcapped mountain.
Image credit: Hello Games

How do you follow-up a game that attempts to simulate an entire universe for your exploratory enjoyment? Hello Games has just answered that very question with the reveal of its next title, Light No Fire, a co-operative adventure set on a procedurally generated fantasy planet.

Specifics are limited at present, but Hello describes Light No Fire as a game about "adventure, building, survival and exploration together" set on an ancient fantasy planet the size of Earth, that "brings the depth of a role playing game to the freedom of a survival sandbox".

The planet itself is procedurally generated, offering a "truly open world, with no boundaries at a scale never attempted before", consisting of "immersive biomes, unique enemies and valuable resources to discover". It's all inspired by classic fantasy - "lore, mystery, and a constant fight for survival" are promised - and it'll see players teaming up to "carve a life together", exploring and surviving, constructing persistent buildings and communities, and more.

Light No Fire reveal trailer.Watch on YouTube

And that's almost your lot! Or at least it would be if it wasn't for Light No Fire's accompanying announcement trailer, which looks simply splendid, showing a group of players tearing across a richly detailed, multi-biome planet - all towering mountain ranges and lush forests - on foot and occasionally on the back of flying dragons.

The No Man's Sky DNA in Light No Fire is evident - and Hello Games also took a few moments to tease some new features coming to its exploratory space sim in 2024 - but we'll have to wait at least a little while longer before the studio is ready to share more.

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