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New Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom duplication glitch will make you rich from frozen meat

Time to raise the steaks.

A new duplication glitch has been discovered in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom which can fill up your wallet very quickly, depending on how fast you can press the A button.

The glitch is relatively simple and requires a couple of weapons, some raw meat, and at least 57 Zonaite. It should be replicable in versions of the game up to 1.1.2, which is the version I tested it on and can confirm it works.

If you want a video guide to follow, the earliest video I can find of the glitch is from YouTube channel No Hypothesis. YouTuber Austin John Plays has a thorough guide too, in which he notes where things could go wrong.

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First off, you'll want to take out two pieces of raw meat. Any of them will do, but using raw gourmet meat will get you the biggest profit. Next, use Fuse to attach each meat to a weapon (tree branches will do and they're easy to get a hold of if you don't have any unfused waepons already). Drop your two new meat clubs on the ground and then use Ultrahand to glue them together.

From here, you'll want to create a pile of 21 meat clubs stuck together. Unless you want to do this manually, you can use the Autobuild history to make the clubs. Once you've got 21 clubs glued together, fast travel to a snowy location.

Once you're there, open up your Autobuild history and select the massive meat pile, but don't actually build it. Wait for a few seconds and a bunch of frozen meats should pop up out of nowhere. And for free! You can test if the glitch is working by having a meat club equipped, as the meat will drop off frozen.

Collect the meat, then rinse and repeat. Frozen gourmet meat sells for 40 rupees a pop, so doing this once will make you 840 rupees. For an initial investment of 57 Zonaite, a couple of sticks and some meat, that's not a bad return.

This is the latest in a range of glitches found in the game by the Zelda community, most of which have been patched out by Nintendo now. If you want a cut of this one, you'd better act fast.

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