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More people are playing Skyrim on Steam than Starfield

Pluto-nic relationship.

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Starfield released a little over two months ago on PC and Xbox. However, despite a strong start which saw Starfield become the "biggest Bethesda game launch" of all time, things have tailed off a bit now. In fact, there are currently more people playing Bethesda's earlier RPG, Skyrim, over on Steam.

At the time of writing, there are currently 1610 Steam users playing through 2011's Skyrim release, and 13,776 playing 2016's Special Edition release. That makes a total of 15,386 Skyrimmers at the present time.

Both releases combined have a 24-hour player peak of 25,181. If we pop in the VR players as well, that number is higher still.

Here's our Ian chatting about the many Starfield Easter eggs you may have missed.Watch on YouTube

In contrast, Bethesda's recently-released Starfield currently has 11,563 astronauts flying around its many stars and planets. Meanwhile, its 24-hour peak is 23,920.

Starfield's all-time Steam peak - from the game's release - sits at 330,723 players, higher than either Skyrim release. But, despite this fact, and the fact it previously beat Skyrim's concurrent player record on Steam, you can see how Starfield's lifetime player count has dipped in the graph below.

Graph showing Starfield's lifetime player count history
Image credit: Steam/Eurogamer

It is worth noting that numbers over on Xbox consoles and Game Pass may paint a different picture. But even so, it is still remarkable to see the difference between the two games on Steam, especially given how recently Starfield came out (and how not recently Skyrim came out).

Charts showing the current number of people playing Skyrim and Starfield over on Steam
Image credit: Steam/Eurogamer

Earlier this week, The Game Awards announced its nominees for the year, with Starfield being notably absent from most categories. In fact, it only received one nomination across the board, that of Best RPG. Here, it is up against other big releases, including Baldur's Gate 3 and Final Fantasy 16.

For more on Starfield, Liv Ngan recently spoke with a group of modders trying to fix the game - something Bethesda isn't making all that easy to do.

If it is more Elder Scrolls you are after, well, sadly I can't give you much. Bethesda may well have said that Elder Scrolls 6 is indeed coming, but apparently the studio only announced it when it did because of fan demand. Or, in the words of Skyrim's lead designer Bruce Nesmith, it was announced because "the pitchforks and torches were out".

It's fair to say, it will probably be a while before we hear anything more about how The Elder Scrolls 6 is progressing.

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