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Leaked Lego Zelda set seemingly confirmed by copyright removals

A link to the future?

Lego has begun removing videos uploaded to YouTube which discuss a rumoured Legend of Zelda set, details of which have trickled out over the past few months.

The rumoured set is said to feature the series' iconic Deku Tree, along with minifigures for Link and Zelda.

Images said to be of the set appeared online earlier this month, though their legitimacy could not be proven. Now, Lego has begun issuing copyright claims on YouTube videos discussing the set - a move seen to be confirmation the set is indeed real.

Eurogamer analyses the latest Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom trailer frame-by-frame.Watch on YouTube

A copyright strike issued by Lego itself was posted online by YouTube user NintyPrime, showing they have been penalised for including a "confidential unreleased novelty Lego" set in their video (thanks, VGC).

Rumours of a Zelda Lego set have swirled for much of the past year, though this month gained steam as images leaked - allegedly from an early customer survey - and were discussed by reputable Lego fansites such as Promobricks.

Fans have for years requested a Lego set based on The Legend of Zelda, with countless suggestions gathering support by the community-voted Lego Ideas range.

The likelihood of such a set becoming reality was boosted by Nintendo's successful partnership with Lego for a still-ongoing range of Super Mario playsets, plus one-offs such as a Lego NES system, Lego ? Block and highly-detailed Lego Bowser.

When could we see the set announced? Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom arrives on 12th May - and an art book for the game has also now leaked online.

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