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How to get Tropical Wood in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Plus, what's happening with the spawning issue.

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Tropical Wood in Disney Dreamlight Valley is one of the many materials you can gather on Eternity Isle as part of the A Rift in Time DLC. This particular material can only be found in a specific part of one of the biomes on the island, but that's only if it spawns!

The A Rift in Time DLC for Disney Dreamlight Valley seems to house a few bugs that are stopping players progressing through the story quests, and one is that Tropical Wood isn't spawning where it's supposed to.

Without further ado, we're here to show you how to get Tropical Wood in Disney Dreamlight Valley and explain the spawning issue for it.

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How to get Tropical Wood in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To get Tropical Wood in Disney Dreamlight Valley you must have the A Rift in Time DLC and have completed the following quests to unlock the Wild Tangle biome on Eternity Isle:

You can find Tropical Wood in Wild Tangle in The Grasslands on Eternity Isle. It will not spawn anywhere else on Eternity Isle or in your main valley - it is exclusive to the A Rift in Time DLC.

The wood will appear on the ground like any other type of wood you will find in your Valley. However, there have been a few issues with the wood spawning in Wild Tangle.

disney dreamlight valley character selfie with singing rapunzel in wild tangle
Tropical Wood didn't spawn for us, so enjoy this Rapunzel selfie instead! | Image credit: Eurogamer/Gameloft

Disney Dreamlight Valley Tropical Wood not spawning

There have been a few problems with Tropical Wood not spawning in Disney Dreamlight Valley and Gameloft are highly aware of this issue. If you visit your in-game mailbox next to your house you should have a letter from them that explains they're 'Working on a permanent fix for the spawning issue'.

disney dreamlight valley eternity isle spawn issue letter from gameloft
Image credit: Eurogamer/Gameloft

In the same letter, they've given you 220 pieces of Tropical Wood to see you through until this issue is fixed. We recommend keeping the Tropical Wood in storage until you need it for any quests in case you need it before the spawning issue is resolved.

Also, they've given you 20 Softwood, 20 Cinnamon and 1,500 Moonstone. You have until Monday, 3rd June 2024 to claim the items attached to the letter.

We will update this section when we know more about the spawning issue being fixed.

In the meantime, why not check out some of our other guides? We show you how to get Jack Skellington in the main valley and, if it's feeling a little crowded, how to remove villagers to give yourself more space.

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