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How to complete Lost in the Dunes side quest in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Time to find the missing merchant in Gerudo Desert.

zelda totk lost ponthos
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Lost in the Dunes is a side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that finds you helping a group of merchants in Kara Kara Bazaar who have lost something important - their friend!

Ponthos is one of a group of merchants travelling to Gerudo Town in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. After certain events happened in Kara Kara Bazaar, Ponthos got separated from their friends and is now, quite literally, lost in the dunes.

Without further ado, we're here to show you how to complete the Lost in the Dunes side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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How to start the Lost in the Dunes quest in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Before you venture off to begin this quest, we strongly advise completing the Riju of Gerudo Town quest first. Even if you don't get all the way to the end of the quest (though we recommend doing so as it makes this quest easier), you will need to complete the part where you defend Kara Kara Bazaar from a Gibdo Attack.

If you've done the above, then you need to head to Kara Kara Bazaar. If you've not found it already, the Bazaar is north east of Gerudo Town, south west of Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower and south east of Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower.

We've marked its exact location on the map below and the coordinates for Kara Kara Bazaar are (-3269, -2543, 0023).

zelda totk kara kara bazaar map location after storm
Image credit: Eurogamer/Nintendo

When you get to the Bazaar, you need to find the two merchants standing outside the General Store at (-3272, -2580, 0023).

zelda totk lost in the dunes merchant duo
Image credit: Eurogamer/Nintendo

Talk to either merchant and they will inform you that one of them, Ponthos, has been missing since the Gibdo attack happened. This is the beginning of the Lost in the Dunes side quest.

How to find Ponthos in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Robsten will then tell you that they saw Ponthos running out of the west exit (which is the exit closest to the merchant duo right now).

zelda totk kara kara bazaar west exit
Image credit: Eurogamer/Nintendo

Head out of the west entrance and look left. Your compass around your mini map should say you're looking south.

You should now see a tall rock formation with a small camp fire in front of it.

zelda totk lost in the dunes ponthos sinkhole marker
Image credit: Eurogamer/Nintendo

Head over here and you should see a sinkhole with equipment around it at (-3357, -2678, 0028).

zelda totk lost in the dunes ponthos sinkhole
Image credit: Eurogamer/Nintendo

Jump into the sinkhole and let it suck you down to the lower level. Once you've gone through, you should land in an area called 'Oasis Source'.

Once you've landed, follow the path forward and you'll find Ponthos sitting on the ground. Speak to them and find out that they cannot find a way out, but don't worry, you can.

zelda totk ponthos in oasis source
Image credit: Eurogamer/Nintendo

How to rescue Ponthos in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Before moving forward we recommend having at least one of the things we've listed below:

  • Yunobo's sage ability
  • Minimum of four Bomb Flowers
  • Hammer (can be made by fusing a rock to a melee weapon - there are a few rocks scattered around Ponthos.)
zelda totk link fusing boulder to wooden stick
Image credit: Eurogamer/Nintendo

Once you have one of the above, look at the river to the left of Ponthos. You'll want to follow it but walk against the flow of the current through the first archway/opening.

zelda totk oasis source first opening
Image credit: Eurogamer/Nintendo

Once through here, you should see that the next opening is blocked with rocks. Use one of your chosen methods from the list above to clear the rocks.

zelda totk oasis source blocked wall one
Image credit: Eurogamer/Nintendo

In the next area, you'll see a blocked entrance to the rear and one on the right. Head to the one at the rear of the area and clear this (this should be the one near/on the river).

zelda totk oasis source blocked wall two
Image credit: Eurogamer/Nintendo

Then, you will come to a slightly larger area. Some Stone Pebblits may attack you here, but just whack them with a hammer or your chosen rock-smashing method.

zelda totk oasis source entrance three to ladder area
Image credit: Eurogamer/Nintendo

Continue to follow the river (against the current) here and you'll eventually come to a ladder. If you've already found it, your target is the Kara Kara Bazaar Well.

zelda totk kara kara bazaar well ladder and ponthos
Image credit: Eurogamer/Nintendo

When you find the ladder, Ponthos will appear and thank you before leaving. Then, you need to climb up the ladder back to the Bazaar and go to find Ponthos with the other merchants outside the general store again to claim your reward.

Your reward is the strange looking Orb on the ground next to the trio, which will be important for the Mysterious Eighth quest you can find in Gerudo Town.

zelda totk lost in the dunes link and orb reward
Image credit: Eurogamer/Nintendo

That's it for this quest! If you feel like you want to get away from the Desert for a bit, then it may be time to tackle Hateno Politics with the Mayoral Election quests. Alternatively, if you want to learn more about cooking delicious meals, take a look at our recipes list.

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