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How to complete Directive Danger in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to get EVE in Disney Dreamlight Valley A Rift in Time.

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Directive Danger in Disney Dreamlight Valley is a Rift In Time DLC quest you need to complete in order to invite EVE to be a permanent villager for your valley. EVE is feeling pretty anxious on Eternity Isle, and we can't say we blame them after everything that's happened on that Island.

Before you can do this Disney Dreamlight Valley quest you will need to finish a few of the main story quests on Eternity Isle, especially as the second part of Directive Danger requires items from the Glittering Dunes and Wild Tangle biomes.

Without further ado, we're here to show you how to complete Directive Danger in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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How to complete Directive Danger in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Before you can start the Directive Danger quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley you need to own and install the A Rift in Time DLC, and then complete the following quests:

Once you've completed those tasks and met EVE for the first time, you will be able to begin Directive Danger. There are quite a few steps to this quest, but at the end of it you will unlock EVE and can reunite her with Wall-E!

The first thing you need to do is speak to EVE. While talking to them you can use any conversational option you want to when it appears as the result is the same. EVE is still nervous about being on Eternity Isle, so you need to take pictures of potential dangers in The Docks to prove they're safe.

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How to find the Directive Danger photos in The Docks in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Selfie mode on your in-game camera works perfectly for this - all you need to do is make sure that the subject of the photo can be seen clearly and that you press 'Capture' to register the photo.

Here are all of the clues for photos to take in The Docks for Directive Danger:

A giant tree with hanging lanterns near the well.

This is the three by the well in the upper level of the Docks (the same level where your house is at first). Head to the well and then make sure the tall tree with lanterns in it is visible in your photograph.

disney dreamlight valley player selfie with lantern tree in the docks
Image credit: Eurogamer/Gameloft

The small wooden boat you arrived in.

This is the boat you used to get to Eternity Isle. You can find it at the end of a small pier on the ground level of The Docks just south of Goofy's Stall. We found it easiest to crouch for this photo.

disney dreamlight valley player selfie with eternity isle wooden boat
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A giant statue face in a hallway.

This clue is referring to the face on the wall of the gate that links the upper level of The Docks with The Courtyard in Ancient's Landing.

disney dreamlight valley green hair player growling in selfie with stone wall face
Image credit: Eurogamer/Gameloft

A strange sunken doorway between two waterfalls.

Finally, head to the area of The Docks where EVE's ship is and then look at the west side of the area (this is easier using the map). Here, you should see a water-logged area with two large waterfalls cascading down from a cliff. Between them is a small doorway that's half submerged in the water. This is the picture you need to take:

disney dreamlight valley player seflie with submerged door in the docks
Image credit: Eurogamer/Gameloft

Once you've done all of this, take them back to EVE who will then give you six more photos to take.

How to find the Directive Danger photos in Glittering Dunes and Wild Tangle in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The rest of the photos you need to take for EVE are across Eternity Isle, particularly in Glittering Dunes and Wild Tangle which is why you need to complete the Sands in the Hourglass quest first (it unlocks these biomes).

Here are where you can find the subjects for the remaining Directive Danger photos:

  • A lady with long, braided hair - This is Rapunzel, you can usually find her in Wild Tangle.
  • A misplaced boat high up in the jungle - This is a boat above the trees in The Grove in Wild Tangle.
  • A man with an impossibly thick neck - This is Gaston, you can usually find him in Glittering Dunes.
  • disney dreamlight valley pink hair character taking selfie with flexing gaston
    Image credit: Eurogamer/Gameloft
  • A plant with pointy teeth - Take a photo of any of the fly-trap plants in Wild Tangle.
  • A waterfall of sand - This cleared for us by taking a selfie near the 'pool of sand' on the west side of the plains, near where you first meet Gaston.
  • A Snake - Take a photo of any Snake in Glittering Dunes (use our Critters guide to help you find one.)

Once you've gathered all of these photos, go back to speak to EVE to wrap up the quest and welcome the loyal little robot to your Valley!

If you want to add more characters to your main island, check out our guide showing you how to get Jack Skellington. Also, if your valley is feeling crowded, we can also show you how to remove villagers to give yourself some more space to think.

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