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Hohokum successor Flock gets free Steam demo

Flying without wings.

Screenshot of Flock showing player flying on giant red bird followed by coloured flying fish
Image credit: Hollow Ponds

Flock, the next game from the developers behind Hohokum, now has a free demo available on Steam.

The game will be published by Annapurna and was first revealed in 2022. A gameplay trailer was then shown at the publisher's showcase earlier this year.

The demo is single player only and available as part of Wholesome Games' Wholesome Snack showcase ahead of The Game Awards on Thursday.

Flock | Gameplay Walkthrough

"Fly, explore and charm creatures into your flock, all from the back of a giant bird," promised developer Hollow Ponds in a post on X, formerly Twitter.

Flock will release on Steam, Xbox and PlayStation, though the release date remains unknown. This demo, however, will be the first time the public is able to go hands-on with the game.

After this year's Annapurna Showcase, Victoria spoke with developers Richard Hogg and Ricky Hagget about the inspiration behind the game's flight and how it's an approachable video game experience.

They also discuss shearing sheep, which Victoria has done in real life!

Giving the demo a go? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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