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Hideo Kojima teases Xbox horror OD with enigmatic first trailer

And Jordan Peele is involved.

A still from OD's teaser trailer showing Sophie Lillis screaming into the camera.
Image credit: Kojima Productions/Microsoft

Wondering what Hideo Kojima's been brewing between Strandings? Well, we finally have an answer - albeit an extremely enigmatic one - courtesy of a teaser for new Xbox horror game OD.

A Kojima horror has been rumoured for quite some time, of course, with reports surfacing last year that the Death Stranding creator was cooking up a little something called Overdose.

That, it turns out, was mostly right, with Kojima's new project now revealed under the name OD. As for what it actually is, well, that's currently unclear, with Kojima and friends successfully taking up 10 minutes of tonight's The Game Awards without revealing much of anything at all.

OD teaser trailer.Watch on YouTube

What we did get, though, is a teaser trailer for OD featuring Sophia Lillis, Hunter Schafer, and Udo Kier - all reciting the same eerie rhyme, each with a different emotional emphasis, as the camera held steady on their faces. It all ended with a door slowly creaking open, as seen reflected in Lillis' eyes, and a terrified scream.

So, what is OD? According to Kojima, it's "a game and at the same time a movie and at the same time a new form of media", so there you go. We also know Get Out, Us, and Nope director Jordan Peele is involved in some way as just one of several 'legendary' collaborators working on the project.

Beyond that, OD remains a mystery, but hopefully Kojima will be ready to reveal more soon.

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