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GTA 6 first trailer released early following leaks

Launches in 2025.

GTA 6's dual protagonists wield their guns as they burst into a store.
Image credit: Rockstar / Eurogamer

Rockstar has released the first GTA 6 trailer early, after it leaked online this evening. The video confirms that GTA will launch in 2025, and shows off the game's main characters - a Bonnie and Clyde-style couple who enter into a life of crime.

The 90-second clip had been due to launch tomorrow, but made its way onto the internet earlier than planned. It follows another GTA 6 video leak over the weekend.

"Our trailer has leaked so please watch the real thing on YouTube," Rockstar wrote this evening in a post on X, formerly Twitter. Watch the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 below.

Rockstar's first GTA 6 trailer.Watch on YouTube

The trailer begins with a sun-drenched look over the outskirts of Vice City, with bustling traffic on the roads, a jet plane overhead, and a skyline of skyscrapers just visible through the haze. Welcome back to Vice City, Rockstar's version of Miami, now in the modern day.

A rose-coloured sky peeks out above the skyscrapers of Vice City in this GTA 6 screenshot.
Image credit: Rockstar

Quickly we meet our first protagonist Lucia, a woman who begins the game's story behind bars. She's asked by a prison staff member if she understands why she's been incarcerated. "Bad luck, I guess," she responds.

GTA 6 main character Lucia looks longingly out a prison cell window at the world beyond.
Image credit: Rockstar

Cut to Vice City beach, as motorboats tear through the waves while dozens of beachgoers lie under umbrellas. Beachfront property and palm trees gives way to skyscrapers beyond, while a plane pulls a banner making a 69 reference.

An aerial shot of the Vice City beachfront showing sunbathers tanning themselves in front of skyscrapers, as a plane flies above.
Image credit: Rockstar

Quick camera shots show a hovercraft in a swamp, flamingoes, beachgoers in swimwear, speedboats in a container port, and a woman standing up in a convertible speeding down the freeway. Oh, and a strip club. This is all very GTA.

A hovercraft powers through a swamp in this GTA 6 screenshot.
Image credit: Rockstar

Our first look at the game at night gives a better sense of the city's scale, with buildings stretching around its waterfront. Another shot shows roads leading away from the city across long bridges out to small islands.

An aerial shot of Vice City at night, with skyscrapers lit up around its seafront.
A plane flies over a bay area of Vice City, above roads connecting small islands.
Image credit: Rockstar

Next we see slice-of-life moments presented as if on TikTok - a man battling an aligator in a swimming pool, a woman twerking atop a car, someone streaking at a gas station, a man grabbing his crotch during an altercation over bad driving...

The trailer continues with Lucia in a car driven by a man she knows. "The only way we're gonna get through this is by sticking together," she says. "Trust?" she says, in another scene where the couple are lying in bed. "Trust," the man replies.

GTA 6's male protagonist behind the wheel of a car.
Image credit: Rockstar

Quick shots then show the couple robbing a store at gunpoint, as the screen fades to black and we get our first look at the GTA 6 logo... and also the game's release window: 2025.

The GTA 6 logo and release window of 2025.
Image credit: Rockstar

Today's GTA 6 reveal trailer arrives 25 years after the founding of Rockstar in December 1998, and just over a decade since Grand Theft Auto 5 first launched.

It matches up with previous reports that GTA 6 will indeed feature a Bonnie and Clyde-style couple, as also seen in the gargantuan amount of leaked in-game GTA 6 material splashed online after Rockstar was hacked.

GTA publisher Take-Two previously suggested 2024 would be a major year for the company, as it said it planned to release "several groundbreaking titles".

Here's everything we know about GTA 6 so far.

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