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God of War Ragnarök gets free Valhalla DLC

Out next week!

God of War's Kratos having a little yell.
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God of War Ragnarök is getting a free roguelite Valhalla expansion.

And it's out on 12th December! That's next week!

A trailer for the expansion was shown at The Game Awards. It's a "gift to the community," said host Geoff Keighley.

God of War Ragnarök: Valhalla - Reveal TrailerWatch on YouTube

The trailer shows daddy Kratos battling a variety of beasts in some newly coloured armour - the expansion will allow players to mix and match their favourite armours.

A PlayStation Blog on the expansion provides further detail: it will form an epilogue to the events of the game following Kratos on a "deeply personal and reflective journey" and will be available as a separate experience.

"The more you overcome, the more resources you'll gain that can be put towards permanent upgrades that affect both Kratos and even Valhalla itself," reads the blog post.

Kratos will have access to all his weapons and full skill tree, but will make choices between temporary Glyphs for stat upgrades, Perks, and Runic Attacks to wield.

Lastly, there will be five difficulty settings, with each increasing the rewards gained from battle.

Game director Eric Williams previously said that DLC for Ragnarök was "unlikely". I guess he changed his mind.

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