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Get this powerful Corsair K70 Pro Mini Wireless for £120 from Amazon right now

£50 off a rather good small form factor wireless keyboard.

It's been a long time since we last featured a deal on a diddy keyboard, but this £50 reduction on the excellent Corsair K70 Pro Mini Wireless triggered my brain to think it was about time for another. It's an excellent little keyboard with a lot of power to it, and Amazon has it for £120 at the moment, giving you a solid saving.

It's nice to see mainstream brands finally delving into smaller layout keyboards where they'd been previously shy to, and for those who like the convenience and aesthetic of a smaller key layout, the K70 Pro Mini Wireless offers it in spades. It offers a sixty percent layout, giving you the alphanumeric keys you need and other basic functions, although others, including the nav cluster, are held under a function layer. With this narrower chassis, it gives you more space to use your mouse, and also has ergonomc benefits, too. Your mouse can be in line with your arm rather than stretched out wide, preventing you from reaching too far over, or getting your arm in unwieldy positions.

Inside, the K70 Pro Mini Wireless features light and linear MX Red switches, which are excellent for gaming, with a smooth and consistent keypress. They aren't my favourite MXs (that honour goes to Browns), but for the high intensity gaming you may well be undertaking, Reds are a great choice. If for whatever reason you don't like them though, then the K70 Pro Mini Wireless is hotswappable, so you can change the switches out for others you may well prefer - some tactile options may fit better if you're a typist. It also comes with doubleshot PBT keycaps, which should feel marvellous under finger. PBT is a more durable plastic than the typical ABS that's found more conventionally on keyboards from mainstream manufacturers, and it helps to justify the cost of the K70 Pro Mini Wireless a little more.

Wireless connectivity is taken care of through either Bluetooth or Corsair's low-latency Slipstream wireless receiver, giving you a fair amount of versatility. Battery life is also reasonably solid, with up to 32 hours with the RGB at full blast, or up to 200 hours with it turned off. That lighting is also configurable in Corsair's excellent iCUE software, where you can also program macros and other functions if you so choose and create custom profiles.

The K70 Pro Mini Wireless is an excellent mini gaming keyboard with a lot to like about it, and if you want to grab a powerful option just in time for Christmas, this is well worth a look.

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