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Get the Legend of Zelda 1TB Sandisk microSD Card for its lowest price in this Prime Day deal

Give your Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck, or ROG Ally a big storage upgrade for less.

The second Amazon Prime Day sale, this time called "Prime Big Deal Days", got underway this morning and we've already seen some big discounts on flash storage that can help give your handheld devices more room for your favourite games.

SanDisk released a new officially licensed 1TB microSD card with the Hyrulian Crest from The Legend of Zelda earlier in the year, which looks great as well as giving you lots of speedy storage. In the Prime Day sale, the card has gone down to its lowest-ever-price of £105:

SanDisk 1TB microSDXC card for Nintendo Switch - £105 at Amazon UK (was £160)

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This 1TB micro SD card isn't technically featured in the Prime Day 2 sale at Amazon US, but there is a smaller discount on it none the less:

SanDisk 1TB microSDXC card for Nintendo Switch - $130 at Amazon US (was $150)

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This SD Card has impressive sequential speeds of 100Mb/s for reads and up to 90MB/s for writes, which are just below the speeds found in some of the best SD cards for the Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch, and that speed will make a difference loading games and transferring files.

Of course the biggest attraction here is that 1TB size, which is enough to store dozens of your favourite Switch games like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom which has a file size of 16GB, or Metroid Prime Remastered which needs around 7GB.

While the SanDisk card is licensed for Nintendo, this card will also work well in a Steam Deck or ROG Ally handheld, helping to keep more of those 100GB plus games ready to play when you fancy.

There are lots of other great SD card deals available in the Prime Big Deal Days sale, and you can check out our roundup of the best ones here and all the best Nintendo Switch deals in the October Prime Day sale. You can also follow the Deals topic on Eurogamer and the Jelly Deals X account to help stay up-to-date on the best discounts across the two-day event.

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