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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has a new theme song by Nobuo Uematsu

Plus fresh look at Cid.

Close up of Cid in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth
Image credit: Square Enix

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has an all-new theme song written by series composer Nobuo Uematsu.

The song was performed at The Game Awards along with new footage of the game, though below is the official trailer with even more footage - most importantly including a look at the chainsmoking Cid, as well as summons Titan, Bahamut Arisen, and Phoenix for the first time.

There's also lots of Zack, a better look at the Gold Saucer, and nods to familiar scenes from the game - including that moment.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth - Theme Song Announcement TrailerWatch on YouTube

The song itself, "No Promises To Keep", is a beautiful ballad seemingly sung by Aerith, but actually sung by Loren Allred who sang "Never Enough" from The Greatest Showman.

Over on the Square Enix blog there are more fresh details. For instance, the theatre show Loveless referenced in prequel Crisis Core will be performed in the Gold Saucer's Golden Theatre - it looks like this new song is part of that show.

It also shows Dyne and Dio, familiar to fans of the original, and some new synergy attacks.

Uematsu also commented on the song's link to Aerith and what it means to him.

"As depicted in the song 'Aerith's Theme,' Aerith has had a bit of an ill-fated and ephemeral impression within me," he said. "I understood from the beginning that this song is also related to Aerith, but the poignant melody from 'Aerith's Theme' does not appear in this song. I wanted to depict the opposite of this, the strength at her core, hidden within Aerith's heart. As I listened to the recording over and over again once it was finished, Aerith, who until then was a resident of a fantasy world, now began to feel like a real human being in the flesh. Loren Allred's vocals, sometimes ephemeral and other times passionate and powerful, surely give life to the existence of Aerith. It has been a while since I've written a ballad that feels uniquely my own, and I'm happy to have done so. Thank you, Aerith."

Lastly, Square Enix shared some new artwork of the full Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth party now the whole gang has been revealed.

The full party of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth facing away from us looking out over mountains
The whole gang is here! | Image credit: Square Enix

"This is the first-ever showing of the key art for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, featuring the party members assembled together," said creative director Tetsuya Nomura. "While they are all facing away from the viewer, I chose to create an image that depicts each member with their own thoughts and feelings on the vast world and unknown journey they are about to embark on. I hope you will witness for yourself how they will confront the fates that await them in the journey ahead."

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is out 29th February 2024. You can check out a recap video of Remake now in advance.

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