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Final Fantasy 16 DLC Echoes of the Fallen out now

Plus The Rising Tide next year.

Clive and Jill hug in Final Fantasy 16
Image credit: Square Enix / Eurogamer

The first part of Final Fantasy 16's DLC is out tonight: Echoes of the Fallen.

Game director Naoki Yoshida announced in September paid DLC was being developed (after initially stating the game was a "one-off", and then later hinting he was "thinking about" options).

Echoes of the Fallen is the first part of two DLC expansions. It will be followed by The Rising Tide in spring 2024, which will include the Eikon Leviathan as speculated by players, as well as a terrifying-looking Tonberry King.

Final Fantasy 16 DLC TrailerWatch on YouTube

An expansion pass is also available now at a discounted price.

Me? I'm just hoping we finally find out what's behind that door in The Dim that remains locked throughout. If you've played it, you know the one I mean:

Clive and Torgal in front of a stone circular unopening door in Final Fantasy 16
Please Yoshida, what is behind this door?! | Image credit: Square Enix / Eurogamer

Final Fantasy 16 continues the series' legacy of experimentation and was an entry that somewhat divided fans. That said, it received an overall positive reaction. Square Enix stated after release that sales had been "extremely strong" though later added they hadn't met the higher end of expectations.

The game is also notable for its moving and mature LGBT+ representation.

Beyond this game's DLC, next up for the series is Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth due out exclusively on PlayStation 5 on 29th February 2024. It looks like Remake supercharged and if you haven't played the first game in the trilogy, there's a new recap video to watch.

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