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Our thoughts on the GTA 6 trailer

Crime to survive.

GTA 6 protagonists Lucia and male sidekick leave a convenience store from game trailer
Image credit: Rockstar

This week on the Eurogamer Newscast, we discuss the first ever trailer for GTA 6 which was finally released following a tease from Rockstar, after the trailer leaked online ahead of schedule.

That means we've got a look at the game's two protagonists, its modern day Vice City setting, and the general vibe of the game's story. We also know it's set for release in 2025 across PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles, with no news yet of a PC release.

So what did we make of the trailer and the news? What are we hoping to see in GTA 6? And what's the future of GTA Online? Tom's away, so this week's podcast is hosted by me. I'm joined as ever by Eurogamer's Victoria Kennedy and Liv Ngan, as well as GTA Online expert Marie Pritchard from the Eurogamer guides team.

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Grand Theft Auto 6

PS5, Xbox Series X/S

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