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eFootball 2024's new season includes a new game mode and "improvements"

"eFootball 2024 has enhanced the user experience and brought a new level of fun and excitement."

There's a new update for footie fans checking into eFootball 2024 this week.

Season 3 of the free-to-play football game is "Unite on the Pitch", and introduces a range of new features, including casual co-op PvP events which can be played solo or by a maximum of 3v3 players.

There's also the new My League mode which "provides an in-depth VS AI experience where you can take part in leagues from around the world with your Dream Team and aim for league titles".

You can check out the action in the teaser below:

eFootball™ 2024 Unite on the Pitch Official Trailer.

"With this update, eFootball 2024 has established a set of new features to enhance the user experience and bring a new level of fun and excitement," Konami says. "The new My League game mode will see users placed in leagues from around the world, playing a season against the other clubs within them controlled by the AI.

"There are also improvements to the Co-op game mode as users can now play by themselves, joining strangers in match rooms and creating new bonds in their 3v3 matches," Konami adds. "There will also be a daily mini-game at log-in which can see users winning some amazing prizes every day and every month!"

Konami also revealed that it is bringing "new formatting" to eFootball's Championship tournaments, and as well as the eFootball Championship Open most players will be familiar with, there'll also now be eFootball Championship Club Event.

From now until 21st December, players who jump into co-op mode can expect "to receive rewards including four x skills training programmes to help develop their Dream Teams". You can also expect to see "easy mini-games" when you log in, giving you the chance to win items that can boost your Dream Team. Log in daily for a full month, and you'll be entered into draws to win "powerful Epic players".

Back in March, Konami wanted you to know that its reimagined PES football game, eFootball 2023, had surpassed 600 million downloads globally across both PC, mobile, and console.

eFootball's first season was disastrous, and received an Avoid in our review. Perhaps unsurprisingly, then, the game is still unable to compete with the recent success of FIFA 2023, which had the series' largest-ever number of players at launch.

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