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eFootball 2022 finally gets its mobile version in June

Alongside a fresh update for PC and console.

Mobile game eFootball PES 2021 relaunches as eFootball 2022 on 2nd June, Konami has announced.

The heavily-delayed mobile version of the embattled eFootball 2022 arrives eight months after eFootball 2022 first launched and was widely panned.

Also on 2nd June, the 1.1.0 update for eFootball 2022 on PC and console comes out - the first update since season one launched in April. "Too little, too late," was Eurogamer's verdict.

Here's a trailer for eFootball's season 1 update.

Konami was vague about what these updates actually do - in a tweet the company said the new mobile game update includes "new gameplay" and Dream Team. The console version update adds improvements for win/loss decision-making in online matches and server enhancements. There's data sharing between console and mobile versions in the works, too.

Season two kicks off on 16th June, "which will be accompanied by various in-game events," Konami said.

Konami is still picking up the pieces after eFootball 2022's disastrous launch. EA has confirmed its split from FIFA for its series of football games, with FIFA 23 set to be the last EA-developed FIFA game. Could Konami give the FIFA licence a whirl?

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