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Destiny 2 Exotic Weapon mission rotation schedule this week

Here's when you can have a chance to earn some of the best weapons in Destiny 2.

The new Exotic Mission rotation in Destiny 2 gives Guardians a chance to earn some of the best weapon in their fight against the darkness.

Every week in Destiny 2 a different Exotic Weapon mission will be featured. These are challenging levels for fireteams of up to three people. Completing them rewards players with the weapon associated with the mission.

Below we cover how the Exotic weapon rotations works and what the Pinnacle Dungeon is this week in Destiny 2.

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How does the Exotic weapon rotation work in Destiny 2?

Throughout Destiny and Destiny 2 there have been occasional special missions that reward Exotic weapons. Many have been hidden behind puzzles, or required advancing special quests to a certain point in order for them to be available. Some of those missions are being brought back on a weekly rotation, and their weapons will be eligible to be claimed by triumphant guardians.

They will also draft as craftable weapons. The first drop of an Exotic weapon from the rotation each week will have Deepsight Resonance active. This allows you to claim progress towards crafting the blueprint. Gather enough of the these and you'll be able to build your own at the Enclave, and select the perfect perks to build yourself an god roll.

What is the featured Exotic Mission this week?

Every week the featured Exotic mission will change. It will be a few weeks until the rotation resets back at the beginning, and the full season can be projected. Until then, check here to see what the current and precious Exotic Missions are and were.

The Destiny 2 Exotic Weapon rotation schedule is:

    • December 5th to December 12th - Presage, Legends (Exotic weapon: Dead Man's Tale)

There are more than just Exotic Weapons to be earned. If want Exotic Armours not available anywhere else be sure to check out our full guide to the daily Lost Sector rotation.There are also pinnacle weapons to be earned if you can overcome the weekly featured Dungeon and Raid.

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