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Deathloop leads Amazon's free Prime games for December

Plus Akka Arrh!

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Deathloop leads Amazon's crop of free Games with Prime for December.

The Arkane shooter was first released on PlayStation 5 before arriving on Xbox Game Pass once Bethesda was acquired by Microsoft.

It's one of seven games available for free this month through Amazon Prime, also including previously unreleased Atari arcade shooter Akka Arrh which received major praise in our Eurogamer review.

Deathloop PS5 trailer

The remaining games are Aground, Kombinera, A Tiny Sticker Tale, SeaOrama: World of Shipping, and Asteroids: Recharged.

The games will be made available through December: Deathloop from 7th December; Akka Arrh, Aground and SeaOrama from 14th December; Kombinera from 21st December; and A Tiny Sticker Tale and Asteroids: Recarged from 28th December.

Further, from today Amazon Luna players will have access to Fortnite, Trackmania, Strange Horticulture and more on the Prime Gaming Channel.

Prime Gaming is available for Amazon Prime subscribers, offering free PC games each month and more.

November's games included Knights of the Old Republic and Rage 2, so now's your last chance to grab them.

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Akka Arrh

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