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Deathloop developer Arkane Lyon making Marvel Blade game

Sink your teeth in.

Marvel's Blade puts on his shades to go vampire hunting, in this still from Arkane Lyon's first trailer for the project.
Image credit: Arkane Lyon / Eurogamer

Arkane Lyon is making a game featuring Marvel's Blade.

The half-human, half-vampire will star in a third-person action adventure from the studio behind Deathloop and Dishonored 2.

Tonight, via the The Game Awards, we got a stylish teaser trailer and word that the project is still early in development. There's no word on when we'll see it launch.

Our first brief sneak peek at Marvel's Blade.Watch on YouTube

In a press release, Arkane Lyon said its game will be set in a quarantined section of Paris "in the middle of a supernatural emergency". Said emergency? Vampires, of course.

Blade joins a roster of other Marvel projects currently in development, including Sony's Wolverine game, Skydance's Captain America and Black Panther game, plus Iron Man and Black Panther projects at EA.

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