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Dead Cells developer's next game is "lightning-fast combat roguelite" Windblown

Out in Steam early access next year.

A screenshot from Windblown showing three adventurers standing before a huge stone arch in a colourful fantasy world.
Image credit: Motion Twin

Developer Motion Twin's hugely acclaimed - and dazzlingly well supported - action-platformer Dead Cells hasn't stop turning heads since its early access debut back in 2017, and it's fair to say interest in what the studio will do next is high; and we finally have an answer courtesy of The Game Awards, which has given a first look at Motion Twin's Windblown, a "lightning-fast combat roguelite" coming to Steam early access in 2024.

Windblown is a "tough but always fair" combat-focused adventure - playable either solo or with up to three friends online - that casts participants as Leapers, warriors charged with protecting their home world, The Ark, from the deadly Vortex and its Sentinel minions.

Specifics remain relatively limited at this early juncture, but its reveal trailer - giving off some deliciously appealing Saturday-morning-cartoon-but-with-gruesome-flesh-rending vibes - points to an experience at least superficially resembling a kind of co-operate Hyper Light Drifter thanks to its rapid-fire dash mechanics.

Windblown reveal trailer.Watch on YouTube

Motion Twin says players can swap between multiple weapons to adapt their build on the fly as they journey through "stunning open stages...teeming with secrets" - and they'll need to absorb the memories of fallen warriors in order to master different fighting styles and collect stronger, more complex weapons to overcome the hostile world. "Every run is a lesson," Motion Twin notes of Windblown's roguelite structure, "so learn from your countless deaths, memorise enemy movements and leap back into action stronger than ever."

Motion Twin will be sharing additional Windblown development updates "in the months ahead", and for those especially eager to get involved, the studio is promising a number of beta tests ahead of its Steam early access launch sometime in 2024.

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