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Cyberpunk 2077 gets fully functioning metro system in next week's 2.1 update

Plus romantic hangouts and more.

Promotional art for Cyberpunk 2077 showing the male version of protagonist V riding Night City's metro while a businessman slumps asleep beside him.
Image credit: CD Projekt

Cast your mind back to Cyberpunk 2077's E3 2018 trailer and you might remember Night City's metro system playing a prominent role - which was why its absence as a fully functional transportation service was so notable come the game's beleagured release in December 2020. Three years later though, CD Projekt has announced it's restoring the long-missing rideable metro system in a surprise 2.1 update arriving next Tuesday, 5th December.

The 2.1 update coincides with the launch of Cyberpunk 2077's Ultimate Edition (bundling together the base game and Phantom Liberty expansion) and was detailed in a new developer livestream, beginning with that long-awaited Metro system. "The metro was not in our plans for a long time," producer Monika Janowska explained during the presentation. "However, over time we've revisited our plan and... decided that it actually could be achievable."

Night City's metro system, officially known as Night City Area Rapid Transit and described as an "immersive way to travel through the world", consists of five lines spanning 19 stations. It unlocks after Cyberpunk's Konpeki Plaza sequence relatively early on and can either be used as fast travel locations (as was the case prior to 2.1) or "as a proper metro ride experience" for those who'd like to take in the sights in a more leisurely fashion.

Cyberpunk 2077 - Update 2.1 Overview.

2.1 also introduces a personal radio, the Radioport, enabling players to listen to stations while on foot and on the metro, as well as new vehicles - five motorcycles and Johnny Silverhand's original Porsche 911 were mentioned - plus expanded motorcycle mechanics including wheelies and tricks, replayable car races (granting discounts on the Auto Fixer website), revamped accessibility options, and improved boss fights, with Adam Smasher highlighted.

Expect more features in next week's 2.1 update too, including romantic partner hangouts, with full details to be shared in patch notes ahead of its release next Tuesday.

Today's news follows CD Projekt's announcement earlier this week that Cyberpunk 2077's acclaimed Phantom Liberty expansion has now sold 4.3m copies since launching in September, and that over 330 developers at the company are now working on the next Witcher game.

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