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Thinkers of any persuasion and creed, are invited to send articles to discuss any issue they like.The editors disclaim the responsibility for the kind of views expressed in these articles, which may well be deviant and hurt one’s good sense of what is right and wrong. Readers are duly cautioned hereby about this site. A better caption for this site could well be “out of the box thinking” -much needed to promote creativity particularly within “traditionalists” (typically religionists) who stress the sanctity of their systems and are not open to questioning. Generally, however, we all are limited , even enslaved to the conditions where we grow. Yet America and the West have evolved a different orientation that is mirrored in their old institution of “debate” which forces you to recognize and process what is contrary to your own views and thus stretch them and bring them closer to a collective perception related to truth, reality etc.. Free Thinking in our website, if duly practiced, can prove to be the medicine that the doctor ordered for Muslims, IF We Have These Smptoms : a) lack of collectivity, cooperation, compromise, consensus building; intensity in asserting oneself to be absolute and right and the other person close to be kafir, traitor ; intolerance that quickly verges into violence.

Muslim American Identity?

For Muslim migrants to keep their old Identity is naturally easy, or to become American even is relatively simple. What is most difficult is how to combine the two in integrated manner. MCA is committed  to sort out identity issues and help  Muslims integrate with the collaboration of all who care for it.

A challenge occurs when migrants become American citizens without giving a thought to what this means. This potentially creates a problem when they encounter some “American” practices they reject as immoral  or un-Islamic. Let us designate this situation as Type A. But, second- and third-gener...

Is the Quran relevant to Muslims only?

By Aslam Abdullah, PhD Is the Quran relevant to Muslims only? What about the rest of humanity?

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