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Migrant Muslims need to transform their sense of identity and sense of belonging from their old country to America. The Website strives to help them commit to an American emphasis.It attempts to define the new identity and then strive to consensus build around this new identity.

To be American and Muslim is not a contradiction.

by Muhammad Fraser-Rahim, Baltimore Sun. Since 9/11, we have seen efforts by ISIS, al-Qaida and other violent extremists to recruit African American Muslims to their cause, preying on a collective sense of injustice and feelings of deprivation and social alienation from historic inequities. In 2008, for example, al-Qaida's then second-in-command Ayman al Zawahiri sought to interlace domestic African American racial grievances with the global jihad movement, targeting and recruiting African American and Somali youth. A 51-minute recruitment video presented motifs of Malcolm X, attempting to exploit historical African American Muslim activism as a potential means for future radicalization. In a few cases, such efforts have been successful: Edward Archer attacked a Phil...

Muslims now are an organized political force in Irving

by James Ragland, Dallas Morning News Something remarkable is happening in Irving, a city that, for the better part of a year, clumsily became a tinderbox for anti-Muslim madness. Time flies when you’re facing cultural bias and religious persecution. This is the town where Ahmed Mohamed, the “clock boy,” gained notoriety last fall for bringing a homemade project to school. Over the past 15 months, since Mayor Beth Van Duyne began stoking fears that Muslims were setting up a Shariah law court at an Irving mosque, the Muslim community hasn’t just turned the other cheek — it has rolled up its sleeves and gone to work. We noted last year that Muslims, who have generally refrained from city politics, had begun organizing get-out-the-vote drives and showing...


Defining MUSLIM AMERICAN IDENTITY: A preview into how it would unfold in generations to come and how to capitalize on it Mohammad Akhtar, Ph.D President, Muslim Council of America Preamble : Islam as a unifying basis for Americanization? Muslim migrants came to USA predominantly about half a century ago. They showed remarkable adaptation to American ways within a decade or so after their arrival, when it came to perform in their jobs very much like Americans in their efficient handling and in American mannerism. Beyond that, have they become American at heart so to speak? Very sluggishly and very little indeed, which is quite normal . In our case, the big barrier to Americanization as Muslims mistakenly think is Islam, but actually underneath it is the same native old culture as is i...

Supreme Court Sides with Muslim Woman who was denied a job

Note by Mohammad Akhtar, President of MCA. It gives us great satisfaction to publish in the following the report of victory of a Muslim woman who went to the Supreme Court to defend her right based on her religion and got the verdict reversed in her favor. More important than anything, it makes Muslims at large feel proud of being American. it is the country we salute and love which stands for a principle and defends an insignificant woman against the powerful and gigantic corporation- Abercrombie & Fitch and restores her right to wear Hijab if that is what her religion is. Supreme Court Sides With Muslim Abercrombie Job Applicant over Head Scarf--2nd Update BY Dow Jones & Company, Inc. 1:31 PM ET 06/01/2015 WASHINGTON-The Supreme Court on Monday said a Muslim woman who applied...

Duke University allows Muslim ‘Azan’ for Friday prayer

M. Akhtar, Ph.D.

DURHAM, N.C. — Tuesday,January 13,2015.School officials said. A weekly call-Azan, to prayer for Mu...

Muslim American Identity?

For Muslim migrants to keep their old Identity is naturally easy, or to become American even is relatively simple. What is most difficult is how to combine the two in integrated manner. MCA is committed  to sort out identity issues and help  Muslims integrate with the collaboration of all who care for it.

A challenge occurs when migrants become American citizens without giving a thought to what this means. This potentially creates a problem when they encounter some “American” practices they reject as immoral  or un-Islamic. Let us designate this situation as Type A. But, second- and third-gener...

Muslims and British:Reflections

Reflections on British and Muslim Who is a British Muslim is an easy question: it is anyone who follows Islam and holds a U.K. passport. This is at once the easiest and probably the only workable definition. The more teasing question, which I wish to raise in this article is: what is a British Muslim? The query raises two problems related to belonging. What does it mean to be a British person who belongs to Islam? And, what does it mean to be a Muslim person who belongs to Britain? How do we map the overlap zone in a way that makes sense, and is legitimate, in terms of the co-ordinates of both of these terms? Clearly, by virtue of the first definition, the British Muslim population, all 1.5 million of it, divides into three groups. Firstly, and least problematically, there are men and ...

SEPARATATING Terrorism and Muslims

9/11 Museum Should Not Conflate Islam and Terrorism


On Christmas

Syed Saud Ashraf, MD Whereas, the humanity of Jesus Christ, the son of Mary, is an uncontested article of faith in Islam, consistent with theological facts as revealed in the Qur'an and held to be the Truth; on a more cultural note, can the acknowledgment and commemoration of his birth not be mutually shared by the Muslim and Christian communities? Would, to extend a meaningful and heartfelt "Season's Greetings" or even a "Merry Christmas", be out of sync; or, rather, would it not be more consistent with the Prophetic etiquette of reaching out to the other? While certain Muslim communities the commemoration of the birth of our "beloved" Prophet Muhammad is displayed in different ways, it is nevertheless a contested issue as well. Islam, being a religion most seriously concerned with ...

MUSLIM COUNCIL OF AMERICA Foundation: A Call for New Thinking and Action.

Muslims were successful in establishing over 3000 Islamic centers and institutions to help them in preserving their religious identity. But their impact on public life in America has been meager considering their high number, which is estimated to be over six million. The Muslims image especially after 9/11 has been increasingly negative. At present it is at an all-time low. Muslims are perceived as dangerous because of their association with terrorism. Muslims deny any involvement but it has hardly fallen on any credulous ears. Muslims feel dismayed to be placed in a situation where they face the reality of their reduced rights and lack of effective measures to change it. To aid in this monumental task at hand, the Muslim Council of America Foundation was establ...

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