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How to make Banana Split recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The ingredients for making this 5-star dish.

disney dreamlight valley banana split
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Knowing the Banana Split recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley will help you fill out your recipe index and it can help you befriend some Monkeys in the A Rift in Time DLC. This 5-star dessert can be tricky to figure out, especially as one of the ingredients can only be unlocked by reaching level 10 friendship with a certain culinary Rat.

Making recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley is an easy way to get Coins to spend on upgrades or items at Scrooge's store and for boosting your energy to help you get around a lot faster. Making a 5-star recipe will boost your energy a lot and you can sell Banana Splits for 740 Coins.

Grab your chef's outfits, we're here to show you how to make Banana Split in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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How to make Banana Split recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here's the recipe for Banana Split in Disney Dreamlight Valley:

Remember, you also need to have at least one coal in your inventory to be able to make this dish at any cooking station.

Once you've made this recipe for the first time you can use the autofill feature at a cooking station by selecting Banana Split from your recipe book and if you have all the correct ingredients.

disney dreamlight valley chef player cooking with remy in chez remy
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Where to find Banana Split recipe ingredients in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To make a Banana Split you need to track down the ingredients first, but there are a couple of them that are slightly tricky to get your hands on. You will need to put some work in for most of these ingredients if you've not already collected them.


Bananas grow on trees around Dazzle Beach, they roughly take around 23 minutes to spawn more Bananas after you pick them.

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Milk can be bought at Chez Remy for 230 Coins. To get this, you need to visit Remy's realm in the Dream Castle and convince him to come to your valley by cooking a number of dishes, including Ratatouille.

When you've welcomed Remy to the valley and opened Chez Remy, you will be able to buy Milk from the mini-store in the kitchen.

disney dreamlight valley player in chef hat selfie with milk
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Slush Ice

To unlock Slush Ice in Chez Remy you need to reach level 10 friendship with Remy and complete the Unknown Flavour quest. Once you've done this, you will have Slush Ice added to Chez Remy where you can buy it for 150 Coins.

disney dreamlight valley player in chef hat selfie with slush ice
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Sugarcane can be bought from Goofy's Stall in Dazzle Beach. You can also buy the seeds here and grow some yourself.

disney dreamlight valley player in chef hat facing sugarcane on goofy dazzle beach stall
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Any Sweet

This part of the recipe is really vague, we used another dose of Sugarcane to make the Banana Split this time. We did try it with an Easter Egg but ended up with Ice Cream instead.

disney dreamlight valley banana split recipe ingredients
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That's it! If this dish has sparked your culinary curiousity, then check out our recipes list for the main Disney Dreamlight Valley game. Also, if you want to feed your new dish to a Monkey, check out our critters list to learn where to find them and how to feed them.

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