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As Dusk Falls heading to PlayStation consoles

Lands in March.

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As Dusk Falls - previously an Xbox exclusive - is heading to PlayStation consoles on 7th March, as announced at tonight's Game Awards show.

On PS5 the game will have all-new haptic feedback and touchpad controls. It will also be available on PS4, as well as PC via Epic and Gog.com.

It first released in July 2022 as the first game from studio Interior/Night, founded by former Quantic Dream lead Caroline Marchal.

As Dusk Falls PlayStation trailer

As a narrative choice-driven game, As Dusk Falls takes a similar format to those of Quantic Dream, but is more approachable owing to the use of controller or mobile phones for multiple players to watch along and vote on decision making.

It also features a unique art style, with scenes of real actors hand-painted to emphasise emotion and expression.

Bertie described it as "the best interactive movie game" he'd played in his As Dusk Falls Eurogamer review.

"As Dusk Falls represents a bold new future for interactive movie games - a future where games can do away with the supernatural spectacle and thrillery whodunnits to rely on human drama to entertain us instead," he wrote. "And OK, this does occasionally veer into soap opera, but at other times it's gentle and deep and dark, even profound. It shows how well games can handle stories and themes like these when done with care and understanding, and how well it can pull us into the lives of others and invest us in the decisions they have to make."

I interviewed Marchal when I visited the studio to preview the game and discussed how the studio was based on diversity and authenticity.

"Diversity is not just a token, it's just interesting to have different people coming from different cultural backgrounds, professional backgrounds, and countries," said Marchal.

"You've got people with different points of views coming at the story and at the experience and being like, 'what do you think about that? How about we do that like this?' It just improves what we're making."

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As Dusk Falls

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