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All the things we noticed in the GTA 6 trailer you may have missed

For Trevor and a day.

Lucia in a bikini at a rooftop pool in GTA 6
Image credit: Rockstar

After years of waiting, Rockstar has finally given us our first slice of GTA 6. In the new trailer, we are introduced to the game's protagonists, Lucia and Jason, and the crime-riddled world that they live in. This is Vice City, GTA's take on Miami, Florida.

I am now going to break down the trailer, listing all the little things I noticed. While the whole thing's only 91 seconds in length (which is admittedly more than we got for GTA5), the studio has managed to pack a lot in. The trailer gives us a real sense of what we can expect on the game's eventual release, which is currently slated for 2025 across PS5 and Xbox Series consoles.

Before we dive on in, here is the first trailer for GTA 6 in all its glory once more.

Grand Theft Auto VI Trailer 1.Watch on YouTube

The first shot we see is a rather splendid view, with pink dappled skies and lush palm trees all setting the scene. There is no doubt here: we are in Florida. Or the State of Leonida as it is known in GTA 6.

I had a quick google, and according to GTA Wiki, it is named after Spanish conquistador Juan Ponce de León, who led the first European expedition to the Florida peninsula. León landed here on Easter Sunday, the Spanish Pascua de Flores. This translates to "Feast of Flowers" for which the real state is named.

In the background of this scene, we get our first glimpse of Vice City's skyline, and while it is in the distance, it already shows that this city is going to be bigger and denser than GTA5's Los Santos. This is perhaps unexpected, as LA (which Los Santos is based on) is much bigger than Miami is in real life.

We also get a look at the city prison, distinguishable by its watch towers and fenced perimeter. Again this looks to be a fair size.

Of course, this is a GTA game, so we must pay some attention to the vehicles driving through this scene. If you look towards the bridge in the foreground, you will notice that a boat is being towed by a pickup truck. This reminded me of GTA 5's 'Father/Son' mission. There is also, unless my eyes deceive me, a Gauntlet Hellfire driving along. This muscle car features in GTA Online.

GTA 6 trailer opening shot of Vice City sky line
Pretty in pink. | Image credit: Rockstar

The next scene takes place inside the prison. We get our first look at Lucia, one of GTA 6's two protagonists. She is talking to a prison warden or councillor of some description called Stephanie (you can see her nameplate on the front of her desk). She comments it was "bad luck" that got her here.

There isn't too much to take from these scenes visually, other than there is no doubt that this game is shaping up to be graphically very impressive. The way the light shines through the window, as characters beyond the pane are distorted by the dimpled effects of the glass. Shadows fall across Lucia's body. The character models themselves are top notch, and an obvious step up from GTA 5, as you would expect. They feel real, and expressive. There is emotion behind those eyes.

It is worth mentioning that both Lucia and Stephanie have family photos. Lucia has a single picture by, presumably, her bed. Stephanie meanwhile has personal effects festooning her office. The objects around her desk and office space add a humanity to Stephanie's character, even if we only see her in this one scene. We already know that she has a life outside of her job at the prison thanks to this environmental storytelling.

I do wonder if we'll have some kind of prison break style prologue after these scenes. It doesn't sound like Lucia is on the cusp of being let out from what Stephanie is saying. Unless, Rockstar are throwing in a red herring, and that is actually the end of the game, and her crimes throughout GTA 6 are what get Lucia thrown in the clinker... hmm? Were the people in her bedside photo those who helped her on her in-game crime sprees. Who can say? Not me, for now, but give it time.

GTA 6 Lucia in prison
Image credit: Rockstar
Stephanie in GTA 6
Image credit: Rockstar

I love this next scene. We pan over the beach front and look towards the city. A moment of appreciation for that water. It is wonderfully clear, with creatures seen under the surface. Also, dolphins! Oh I could dive in right now. Also, our first look at a yacht.

The beach itself looks densely populated, and at a punt I am going to say it is reminiscent of 8th Street Beach in Miami. Meanwhile, Vice City itself looks packed. The number of sky rises and other locales - This is going to be a city with a vast amount to explore. Also, is that a Maverick in the sky?

Rockstar's humour is also in this scene for all to see if you know where to look. The plane pulling a banner? If you look closely, you will see it reads: Why sixty nine when you can nine 1 nine. How cheeky!

Vice City GTA 6
Image credit: Rockstar

After a brief shot looking up at Vice City's buildings, we are transported away from the metropolis and to GTA 6's take on the Florida Everglades. Again, this is some gorgeous scene setting, with a hovercraft cruising along as the sun sets behind. The lighting here adds volume to an otherwise simple scene.

The amount of nature shown so far in the trailer is also worth a mention. Flamingos and alligators can be seen inhabiting the swamplands, making every corner of this world feel incredibly alive. Will we be facing natural threats when we are stealing any number of vehicles? Will they be part of a side mission? Gator round up, anyone?

GTA 6 version of Florida Everglades
Image credit: Rockstar
GTA 6 wildlife
Image credit: Rockstar

We are back to the beach now, and as we could tell from the birds' eye view earlier in the trailer, this beach is bustling. I do hope that this density is not just for the sake of the trailer, and when GTA 6 releases there will be this same crowded energy.

A couple of things from this scene. Again, the character models are exceptional, with a diverse range of body shapes, sizes and colour. Every contour and curve seems to have been given the same care and attention given to the likes of Lucia.

Also, dogs confirmed! A jogger can be seen with his little pooch in tow.

As for vehicles, jet skis are making a return, as is the helicopter that can land on the sea. You can see it hovering towards the top right corner of the screen. There is also an inflatable donut, so hopefully we will be able to bob around in the sea for a bit at some point.

GTA 6 beach scene
Image credit: Rockstar

We next see two men in a boat speeding by what must be Vice City's dockyards.

I can't make out who these characters are, but it is nice to get a further idea of the game's scope and locations.

Also, it all just looks so colourful. The containers on the ship shown in the background seemed to have their own physics modelling, while the work being done there shows that while many may come to Vice City to play, there is also an industry here.

I wonder if there may be a side mission here, as well. Shipping containers are ripe for smuggling, I've heard.

GTA 6 dockyard
Image credit: Rockstar

We are back on the road now, with Lucia free from prison. She is celebrating her freedom by dancing in a convertible (as the guy in the car in front appears to be filming her - I am not sure if he is with her or if he is just enjoying the show).

The signs overhead give us more GTA 6 locations: Kelly County, Vice City Airport and Stockyard Downtown. This is similar to a scene from the GTA 5 reveal trailer 12 years ago, where cars on a highway drive beneath signs for Downtown Little Seoul and the Los Puerta Freeway.

Lucia out of prison, GTA 6
Image credit: Rockstar

More cars and a strip club - all very GTA.

The strip club in GTA 6 looks that bit wilder than GTA 5's, with cash festooning the podiums, champagne being presented on what looks like very ornate trays with sparklers and plenty of scantily clad individuals. At this moment, you really get a sense that Rockstar is making its first native current-gen game. Like in the prison office earlier, there is 'cinematic clutter' everywhere you look.

Later in the trailer, we also see a nightclub. From the decor, I would say this is a separate location from the aforementioned strip club. It seems to have a bit more 'class' to it.

Vice City strip club, GTA 6
Image credit: Rockstar

I personally don't recognise these next two characters, but given that they are shown in close up rather than part of a more casual pan, I wonder if they will eventually be important to the story.

What do you think? (Also, I kind of expected to see Michael for some reason, but we didn't)

Who are they? GTA 6
Image credit: Rockstar

I love this next shot. We see Vice City at night time, and I know I keep saying this but it really looks great. I find myself getting drawn into the amount of detail that Rockstar has included, even in the moments where the focus is on the wider shot. It is immersive, even from afar.

Again this gives us an idea of the map's scale, and another look at some yachts on the water. My main takeaway though - tennis courts confirmed!

Vice City at night, GTA 6
Image credit: Rockstar

This next scene is very car heavy, and shows several returning vehicles for the series. Again, I think I spy a Gauntlet tucked in there.

It is worth noting that, in the background, there is a neon sign that appears to be the Ocean View Hotel. Fans of the series will recall this hotel from GTA: Vice City. It is the first safehouse the player acquires in the game. I wonder if it will be the same in GTA 6?

Cars, Cars, Cars in GTA 6
Image credit: Rockstar

Another moment to appreciate the game's water. This scene seems to be GTA 6's version of the Florida Keys, and again it looks gorgeous.

Vice City's Florida Keys? GTA 6
Image credit: Rockstar

A quick but important shot of the Vice sign.

Vice City sign
Image credit: Rockstar

I am incredibly taken with the next few shots. Again, Rockstar appears to be poking fun at the state of the world, and in particular its obsession with social media, in what can only be GTA's version of TikTok.

Everyone's lives are ripe for viewing, with handles such as DadBodSquad and HaveAViceDay recording everything that happens on the streets and water - such as car top twerking - for the world to see. A little later in the trailer, we also see a nude man running away from the police. There is no shame here.

Twerking on a car in GTA 6
Image credit: Rockstar

These next few shots are quite fast, and are mostly to set the scene. Cars perform donuts after dark, a gator walks into a convenience store (also Go Postal is returning), body cam footage shows a police raid, a sun loving gentleman waters his garden wearing nothing but a visor and a thong. You get the idea.

I feel this is really Rockstar having a bit of fun poking at an almost Trump-like state. There is a satire here, with quips about medication to help with emotions.

Go Postal, GTA 6
Image credit: Rockstar

I am not sure if the police cam shot is possibly teasing first person gameplay. There is not enough to go on yet, but it was a thought that crossed my mind when I watched the trailer.

We also have a brief clip of the ThrillBilly Mud Club. Is this one of GTA 6's gangs?

ThrillBilly MudClub GTA 6
Image credit: Rockstar

At last, we meet our second GTA 6 protagonist. Here is Jason. He is driving, as Lucia holds a wad of cash in her hand. Police cars speed by in the opposite direction. Call me Sherlock, I recon our Bonnie and Clyde duo have just robbed somewhere and they are making their getaway.

Jason in GTA 6
Image credit: Rockstar
Lucia holds a wad of cash in GTA 6
Image credit: Rockstar

More images of GTA 6 gangs and crims. A heavily tattooed chap in an orange jumpsuit is shown on a news report as he sits in front of the crest of the Sheriff's Office.

Weazel News, returning from previous GTA games, covers the breaking story of Dirt Bike Dirt Bags, a gang "terrorising" Vice City.

Dirt-Bike Dirt-Bags, GTA 6
Image credit: Rockstar

The next few scenes show the pairing of Lucia and Jason. They don bandanas to rob a convenience store (with everyone's favourite lager Pißwasser on sale). Why a convenience store? Are they, at this moment in time, fairly lowbrow criminals looking for a quick and easy heist? Will we see them working their way up through the criminal scene, and eventually take on jobs with a higher risk, but a much higher reward as well.

Again, there isn't a huge amount more to say on these moments, other than it is confirmed that the twosome are not only partners in crime but also romantic partners. As Donlan wrote earlier, there is a love story here. They speak of trusting each other. Can they? Will they?

Lucia and Jason rob a convenience store, GTA 6
Image credit: Rockstar

Phew, and that is your lot for now. Did you spot anything I missed?

For more, here's everything we know about GTA 6 so far.

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