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Acclaimed horror shooter GTFO ends development with Final Chapter update

Surprise-launches today on Steam.

A screenshot from GTFO showing a dimly lit sci-fi interior with a disturbing multi-tentacled created visible through the thick mist creeping across the floor.
Image credit: 10 Chambers

Development on 10 Chambers' rock-hard co-op horror shooter GTFO is officially coming to an end today after three years of robust post-launch support with one last update, the appropriately titled The Final Chapter.

GTFO - which sends teams of up to four players on regular expeditions deep into the bowels of a vast underground complex overrun by terrifying creatures - got its version 1.0 release back in December 2019 after two years of early access. It's essentially been run as a live-service-style title since then (albeit without any live-service-style monetisation), adding a succession of time-limited story missions, maps, and other content.

10 Chambers announced a change in its update strategy last December that would see it reinstate all Rundowns (as the limited-time events were known) so that players have permanent access to all previous story content - equating to over 80 expeditions - and today's Final Chapter update means GTFO now officially has a beginning, middle, and end.

GTFO's The Final Chapter update trailer.

The Final Chapter heralds the arrival of Rundown 8.0 (the game essentially enters maintenance mode after today) and coincides with a free weekend on Steam, giving players the opportunity to try GTFO in its entirety - and, potentially, run screaming from its ruthless difficulty never to return - until Sunday, 10th December at 9pm UK time.

If you can stomach the stress of it all (and have three similarly masochistic pals), there's currently 40 percent off GTFO on Steam, bringing its price down to £20.99 until 21st December.

10 Chambers co-founder and narrative director Simon Viklund recently told me - during a chat to unveil new sci-fi heist shooter Den of Wolves - the studio is "seriously considering" making a console version of GTFO, so expect more on that later down the line.

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