Lobbying:is it a menace or necessity for democracy?

Lobbying is an American phenomenon but is new to many Muslim immigrants. They find it novel but more than that they find it puzzling. Bribery is wrong and illegal because an individual gives money to another individual for self-serving purpose that is against the collective interests. But if an individual/or group gives money to another group that is similarly counter to the interests of the larger segment of the society, it should be equally wrong or illegal, regardless if the money involved is big and is given openly rather than secretly as is done in bribery. If it is small money transacted between 2 people, let's say it is theft. If it is millions of dollars to be transacted openly between 2 bands who are equipped with arms, should we not call them robbers based on the nature of their ...

United We stand

United We Stand

Zaid Shakir


Women’s personal issues and teachings of islam

Women and Fashion:

Every thing that gives aesthetic pleasure to human being is admissible in Islam provided that it is not polluted with vulgarity, polytheisem, dissipation and betrayal. It includes every kind of dignified and civilized Fashion. The Quran, exclusively mention the dress:


Muslims and British:Reflections

Reflections on British and Muslim Who is a British Muslim is an easy question: it is anyone who follows Islam and holds a U.K. passport. This is at once the easiest and probably the only workable definition. The more teasing question, which I wish to raise in this article is: what is a British Muslim? The query raises two problems related to belonging. What does it mean to be a British person who belongs to Islam? And, what does it mean to be a Muslim person who belongs to Britain? How do we map the overlap zone in a way that makes sense, and is legitimate, in terms of the co-ordinates of both of these terms? Clearly, by virtue of the first definition, the British Muslim population, all 1.5 million of it, divides into three groups. Firstly, and least problematically, there are men and ...

SEPARATATING Terrorism and Muslims

9/11 Museum Should Not Conflate Islam and Terrorism


Muslim Women

Muslim Women's Contribution in Building Society

.

Is US Oligarchy or Democracy?

US is an oligarchy and not a democracy?


Boko Haram

Boko Haram Aslam Abdulla,Ph.D, Vice president of MCA Boko Haram has violated all religious and civil norms of humanity by abducting over 200 girls with the intention to sell them as slaves. It is a group that claims to be Islamic, yet in the eyes of Muslims it has nothing to do with Islam. It claims to be a saved sect blessed by God and it believes in the supremacy of its own concept of religious law under the domination and authority of men only. Who are Boko Haram? What are their ideas? In the Northeast Nigerian city of Maiduguri, one year after the September 2001 al-Qaeda attack in the US, Mohammad Yusuf, who was part of a group known as Shabaab since 1995 with Mallam Lawal as its leader formed Jamaat Ahl as-Sunnah lid-dawa wal-Jihad (The Congregation of the People of Tradition f...

Spying on Muslims is legal?

By Arjun Sethi

Originally published on CNN Feb. 26, 2014:


Arjun Sethi is a lawyer in Washington and a frequent commentator on civil rights and social justice-related issues. Follow him on Twitter: @arjunsethi81

(CNN) -- Muslims in America just lost their right to privacy. Last week, a federal judge in New Jersey ruled that blanket suspicion-less surveillance of Muslims is permi...

Reflections on being treated with suspicion

How Muslims should be reacting – is reflected by two leaders in the present issue. We would welcome more reflections by other thinkers in future issues. – Editor

Response: M. Akhtar

None of us likes to be treated as suspicious – it is disgraceful and painful. Some of us feel anger and vent about this indignity by blaming the authorities and faulting the system. We dismiss the whole issue by crying foul and say we Muslims are victims of the discrimination.

This complete dismissal is a similar reaction to the denial of any connection between Muslims and terrorism, as those it is so...

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