SEPARATATING Terrorism and Muslims

9/11 Museum Should Not Conflate Islam and Terrorism


Muslim Women

Muslim Women's Contribution in Building Society

.

Is US Oligarchy or Democracy?

US is an oligarchy and not a democracy?


Boko Haram

Boko Haram Aslam Abdulla,Ph.D, Vice president of MCA Boko Haram has violated all religious and civil norms of humanity by abducting over 200 girls with the intention to sell them as slaves. It is a group that claims to be Islamic, yet in the eyes of Muslims it has nothing to do with Islam. It claims to be a saved sect blessed by God and it believes in the supremacy of its own concept of religious law under the domination and authority of men only. Who are Boko Haram? What are their ideas? In the Northeast Nigerian city of Maiduguri, one year after the September 2001 al-Qaeda attack in the US, Mohammad Yusuf, who was part of a group known as Shabaab since 1995 with Mallam Lawal as its leader formed Jamaat Ahl as-Sunnah lid-dawa wal-Jihad (The Congregation of the People of Tradition f...

Spying on Muslims is legal?

By Arjun Sethi

Originally published on CNN Feb. 26, 2014:

Arjun Sethi is a lawyer in Washington and a frequent commentator on civil rights and social justice-related issues. Follow him on Twitter: @arjunsethi81

(CNN) -- Muslims in America just lost their right to privacy. Last week, a federal judge in New Jersey ruled that blanket suspicion-less surveillance of Muslims is permi...

Reflections on being treated with suspicion

How Muslims should be reacting – is reflected by two leaders in the present issue. We would welcome more reflections by other thinkers in future issues. – Editor

Response: M. Akhtar

None of us likes to be treated as suspicious – it is disgraceful and painful. Some of us feel anger and vent about this indignity by blaming the authorities and faulting the system. We dismiss the whole issue by crying foul and say we Muslims are victims of the discrimination.

This complete dismissal is a similar reaction to the denial of any connection between Muslims and terrorism, as those it is so...

Responses to Obama’s Affordable Healthcare: Issues and Proposed Solutions

Comments by Three Thinkers identified as D, C, and B

March 23, 22014

1. By “D”

I am someone who doesn’t mind paying taxes as long as it’s done fairly and equitably. Which is one reason why I strongly oppose ObamaCare. Individuals who make less than about $15,000/year get totally free health insurance, i.e. Medicaid, at the expense of the taxpayer, and individuals who make less than about $45,000/year get heavily subsidized health insurance through the ObamaCare exchanges. These subsidies are paid for by those of us who pay full price for health in...

The Last Gasp of American Democracy

Originally published here on on Jan. 5, 2014 By Chris Hedges

This is our last gasp as a democracy. The state’s wholesale intrusion into our lives and obliteration of privacy are now facts. And the challenge to us—one of the final ones, I suspect—is to rise up in outrage and halt this seizure of our rights to liberty and free expression. If we do not do so we will see ourselves become a nation of captives. He got the memo: The National Security Agency director, Gen. Keith Alexander, testifies on Capitol Hill last Dec. 11 at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on “Continued Oversight of U.S. Government Surveillance Authorities....

Is the Quran relevant to Muslims only?

By Aslam Abdullah, PhD Is the Quran relevant to Muslims only? What about the rest of humanity?

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